Defining Chi feng shui Energy

Today we will talk about what is Chi, the feng shui energy.

We had talk a lot about feng shui energy Chi. Chi is very important part of feng shui. So as feng shui beginner, we need to know the definition of Chi feng shui energy. There are two type of Chi energy, Sheng Chi (Positive feng shui energy); Sha Chi (Negative feng shui energy).

SHENG CHI – According to the ancient Chinese feng shui theory, anything in the universe, there are many different energy sources that move in and around our living environment. Sheng Chi is positive, good healthy, prosperous and happy energy. If you have Sheng Chi, you will looks more positive and all good things (good luck, promotion, money, love) will flow your way. You can feel the positive feng shui energy where Sheng Chi existing. When you live an uncluttered life with fresh beautiful flowers, lush green plants, bright sunshine, a light and airy house, you can feel you are in Good positive feng shui energy Sheng Chi energy.


SHA CHI – Negative feng shui energy. When there are many Sha chi around you, you will fell unhappy.  You may be work unhappy, living in wrong place. This negative energy can drain you and can cause illness. Stagnated flows in dark corner, lifeless place are full of negative feng shui Chi. Sha Chi is around you, when you are down and depressed.


Now we know what SHA CHI AND SHENG CHI is, try to get Sheng Chi and eliminate Sha chi in your life. Then you will get better life.

What is feng shui Ming Tang Definition?

There is another important feng shui item, it is Ming Tang. The areas which front your main door is called Ming Tang, such as Garden and front yard. Ming Tang is one place where Chi feng shui energy gathering. Ming Tang is playing very important feng shui role, auspicious Ming Tang can help to gathering positive feng shui energy Chi.

Ming Tang front yard and garden feng shui
Ming Tang front yard and garden feng shui

Ming Tang area shall be flat, clean, open, beautiful and welcoming. The Ming Tong is the space that welcomes the qi to the structure. Now we know why the Garden and front yard are so important to our home in feng shui. Nice, clean and welcoming garden and front yard really could help us to get positive feng shui energy Chi, we will benefit from Auspicious Ming Tang (Garden and front yard).  now it is time to make your garden and front yard more open, beautiful and welcoming.

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Is Feng Shui a belief or superstition?

Many people and feng shui beginner has some concerns about feng shui. Some people think feng shui is a belief or superstition. Firstly, we want to tell you that feng shui is not belief and superstition. It is natural & social science.

feng shui

In china, the recordable feng shui principle can be track back to thousands years ago. Feng shui is based on natural environment and social science. Feng shui is study of harmony between human and surround living environment. Ancient people use feng shui ways to determine the building location and door’s position and so on. The purpose is achieving the harmony between human and living environment per feng shui ways. Meanwhile thousands years history and evolution of feng shui also proved that feng shui is natural & social science. Many feng shui experts are studying feng shui around of the world; many feng shui tips are still used in modern society for better life.

So Feng Shui is definitely not a superstitious belief. It is about improving & harmonizing the Chi (feng shui energy) in the environment by correct application of Feng Shui. Feng shui can help you achieve better fortune and success in your destiny. Meanwhile you need to know that feng shui is not just purchasing and placing some feng shui products in home or office, you can apply many feng shui tips without any spending.

What is Yin & Yang?

As feng shui beginner, we must know what is Yin & Yang in feng shui principle. It will help us to better understand feng shui by knowing Yin & Yang.

what is yin & yang in feng shui
what is yin & yang in feng shui

All things in the earth has their own opposing and interrelating things. Like day and night, hot and cold, positive and negative, sadness and happiness, man and women, summer and winter and so on.

Yin and Yang can expresses all the things exists on the earth. They are behalf on 2 individual natural energies on our earth. What we want to get is the balance of Yin & Yang to achieve the harmony in our living. We will make our life better in balance and harmony environments.

Yang alternates with Yin under certain condition. That means Yin & Yang exit on same object at the same time. If the Yang factor is stronger than yin, the object will show as Yang. Oppositely, if Yin factor is stronger than Yang, the object will show as Yin. We always seek to get balance between Yin and Yang energy.  Living in harmony and balance environment, we will get good fortune and health.

What is Chi or Qi, the key element of feng shui energy for feng shui beginner?

As the feng shui beginner, the Chi or Qi is the first definition we need to know. The traditional feng shui definition of Chi is very complex and with some superstition. But as the modern feng shui principle development, Chi had been given modern definition. The modern definition is easy to understand and it is natural scientific and acceptable by more and more people.

Qi_Chi feng shui energy
Qi_Chi feng shui energy

All objectives in the world have their own Chi as life force. The Chi can affect each other. (It is similar as attractive force from objectives) We also call Chi as feng shui energy.

Chi is consolidation element which covers Chi from building, road, river, mountain, tree, flower and human. So Chi exists anywhere in our living environment.

Chi or Qi is the key element of feng shui. Basically, there are 2 types Chi, one is positive energy and another is negative energy. Our feng shui purpose is to get more positive feng shui energy and reduce negative feng shui energy in our living environment. The positive Chi feng shui energy can help us to inspire the good fortune, wealth and optimism & positive activity.

In order to make it easy to understand for feng shui beginner, we can descript those 2 types Chi as blow.

Positive Chi shall be harmonic and peaceful energy. It can flow freely and lightly like breeze. People will feel very comfortable in positive energy field.

Strong and quick flow, stagnated flow in dark corner are negative feng shui energy Chi.

You can imagine that the positive feng shui energy Chi is a slow moving river. The negative feng shui energy is a raging river.

It is very important to understand the definition of feng shui energy Chi (Qi). After we understand Chi, we could identify the positive Chi or Negative Chi in our living environments. Then we can implement some feng shui tips to enhance positive feng shui energy and reduce negative feng shui energy.

How to Use the Luopan feng shui compass

How Do I Take the Right Feng Shui luopan Compass Reading?

Some tips before using compass:

  1. Remove all metal material and electronic devices from your body (such as mobile phone, radio and so on). Those things with magnetic field that will influence measuring result.
  2. Measuring location shall far away from metal material and electrical equipment;
  3. Keep the luopan compass horizontal.
  4. Inspect the luopan and needle. Do not use the damaged luopan or bent needle.

Usage steps:

  1. Establish the sitting and facing directions of the building.

    feng shui luopan usage step 1
    feng shui luopan usage step 1
  2. Remove all jewelry and any metal (i.e., belt buckles, etc.) that could affect the magnetic reading.
  3. Stand outside facing the building at least 10 feet back from it; away from electrical power sources and cars or any other large metal objects.
  4. Standing straight, with your body parallel to the building’s exterior wall, hold your compass at waist level. The vertical cross hairs (red strings) indicate the facing and sitting directions of the building. Modify the Luopan Compass and ensure the red strings parallel to the building.

    feng shui luopan compass usage step
    feng shui luopan compass usage step
  5. Use your finger turn the inner plate. The heaven dial (the center of compass) will rotate with inner plate. Align the feather of magnetic needle with seabed line feather dots red line at the bottom.

    feng shui compass usage step
    feng shui compass usage step
  6. Take several compass readings from different parts of the property until you are sure of an accurate one.

Keep your luopan feng shui compass in good condition. Keep it away from high temperature and electrical device. Store it in a horizontal position. Meanwhile as the software development, you can install luopan feng shui compass software on your PC or mobile phone. It will be very easy to use the advanced software following the instruction step by step. GOOD LUCK!

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Feng shui tools Loupan feng shui compass introduction(罗盘)

As you known the feng shui compass (Chinese name is Luopan (罗盘). It is key tool for feng shui masters and practitioner. The function of luopan is to determine the precise direction of building’s structure or other items. But luopan is different with a compass.

There are 4 major components of Luopan:

  1. Center of heaven dial (we also call it as seabed, the needle of a luopan points to the south magnetic pole. The Chinese word for compass translates to “pointing-south needle.” It consists of needle, magnetic needle, scale line and the cover. The arrow of magnetic needle point to south. at the bottom of dial, there is one red line called seabed line. There are 2 red spots on each side of the red line. During using, the magnetic needle shall be paralleled with red seabed line.

    feng shui luopan
    feng shui luopan
  2. The Red Cross hairs which attached on the outer pallet of luopan.
  3. The inner disc which can rotate around the center of south magnetic pole and Feng Shui formulas embedded in concentric rings on the surface. One ring called one layer, various content of feng shui marked on the disc. It is one key component of Luopan. The content of disc maybe different according to different type luopan.
  4. The outer pallet which use to support the inner disc and south magnetic pole. On the outer pallet there are Red Cross hairs.

    feng shui luopan feng shui compass
    feng shui luopan feng shui compass

Luopan is called direction disc. 24 mountains direction ring is often used. They are Ren壬、Zi子、Gui癸、Chou丑、Gen艮、Yin寅、Jia甲、Mao卯、Yi乙、Chen辰、Xun巽、Si巳、Bing丙、Wu午、Ding丁、Wei未、Kun坤、Shen申、Geng庚、You酉、Xin辛、Xu戌、Qian乾. There are 3 mountains direction rings consist the 24 mountains direction ring. There are inner disc (Earth disc), middle disc (Human disc) and outer disc (heaven disc)

Earth disc used for measuring the direction of the buildings;Human disc used for evaluate the mountain, tree, wall, tower and chimney;Heaven disc used for assess the way of water including river, pool, well, washing room and windows and so on.

Luopan are made from many different materials. As the development of software, there are a lot of software of Luopan can be installed on your PC and mobile phone. It is more easy for you to use. Have a try if you want and get one mobile phone software application of luopan. In next session we will talk about the usage of luopan. Good luck!

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Does feng shui works?

Does feng shui works? A lot of people ask the same questions. It is hard to answer this question. If you learn more Feng shui theory and history about feng shui. You could find some useful information and get your own answer. But some people said that I follow feng shui rules to arrange the house and office. But it does not work. I think there are some reasons that feng shui does not work.

  1. You did not fully understand feng shui theory and principle, if you do not understand feng shui principle and feng shui definition. Only the feng shui rules, it is not enough for you to get the true feng shui life.
  2. As Chinese feng shui more popular than before, a lot of Americans and people who live in other region interested in Feng shui. So the feng shui rules or feng shui term and feng shui principle had been translated to many language versions. In fact, in china many feng shui masters dose not learn English, So a lot of article was translated by someone who do not truly understand the feng shui principle. So feng shui just be translated according to the word means, it is not feng shui meanings. So we are working on this, our team member are learning about the feng shui definition and feng shui rules and feng shui principle to understand feng shui deeply. Then translate feng shui to English version. We try our best to summarize and make it understand easily.
  3. You also need to do hard work and do more physical training and care your family to get wealth, promotion and your health. Following the Feng shui rules you could get better environment, you will get your health, wealth easily.

 Although there are many people do not believe feng shui. But feng shui exsit so many years, it can be track back to 5000 years ago. All the feng shui rules and feng shui principle was accumulated for thousand years society and science development. It just shows unseen science aspect. So if you implement feng shui principle and feng shui rules properly, you will benefit from feng shui. Good luck!

What is feng shui

What is Feng Shui?  What does Feng shui means?

Do you trust feng shui rules? When we talk about Feng shui, I think a lot of people meet similar above questions. Sometimes we want to find one accurate definition of Feng Shui, but we found it is difficult to do that. Feng shui is complicated knowledge. It can be tracked back to 5000 years ago. A lot of people think that Feng shui is superstition. In fact Feng shui cover too many things. Also including superstition and social science. With the society development, Feng shui also evolved. As Chinese culture become more popular in United States and Europe. Feng shui principle, the ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment is also be focused by more and more people outside of china and Asian. Based on thousand years agriculture development. The ancient people summarized agriculture regulation and applied those principles during choosing the location of the building and housing arrangement such as direction of house and door size and shape to get wealth & health and harmonic. There are 3 major feng shui theory you need to know.

  1. First one is the harmonic between human and environment. Human and environment could be influence each other. Human could change the environment, the environment also influence the human. Even personal wealth, promotion and family can be affected by environment. The environment shall be air, water, sunshine, cloudy, earth, house, road est. also including unseen element. Feng shui is the principle used to modify or choose and arrangement of living environment such as bed or desk’s direction and location to get harmonic.
  2. Another major feng shui principle is Yin-Yang Balance
  3. The third feng shui principle is 5 elements (Wu Xing: Metal, wood, Water, Fire and earth)mutual generation and constraining

    Feng shui rules, Five element
    Feng shui rules, Five element

Besides there are some Feng shui term you need to know. The most important is QI(气) Qi is the core term of feng shui principle. Qi is referred as root of everything. The place with Qi is called as “吉地”(the place with good luck)so feng shui method is try to find out those area with Qi

In future we will introduce the feng shui principle and Feng shui term in detail. I think after you learn more about feng shui, you could define the feng shui definition by your own understanding.