Top 1 feng shui tips 5 steps to get good feng shui

Top 1 feng shui tips 5 steps to get good feng shui: clean, organize and clear your home and office keep your home and office clean and tidy and get rid of old things then let good feng shui energy enter


We had talked about many feng shui tips for good feng shui. Such as bed, desk arrangement, clock placement and so on. But in fact there is TOP 1 basic feng shui tip we must to know. It is keep your home and office clean and tidy.  Getting rid of old things which will not be used in future, give more space for new energy. Throw out letters from former lovers and you will find new partner. Getting rid of old thing with old energy will help you to get new good energy.

You can follow below 5 steps, in business management they also called”5S”

  1. First S is SEIRI-Sorting): identify what you need and get rid of old and unused things and keep only what you will need currently. For example, if there are many old magazines or newspaper with very old energy in your home, just throw them out. If there are many old project file in your office desk, pls also keep them in cabinet, do not let too many old things occupy your memory and living or working space; it is very important to let good new feng shui energy come in.

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui-clean and tidy enviroment help you get good feng shui

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui-clean and tidy enviroment help you get good feng shui

  2. Second S: SEITON-Set in order: after you identify what you shall keep, next step is set them in order. You can try to find proper place to store different kind of things. To keep things in order can help you to find it easily and looks very thing in order. It also indicate that you life and work or business are going well.

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui

  3. Third S: SEISO-Shine: Clean your home or office room; do not keep any garbage for long time (they will create negative feng shui energy). The clean environment can make the people who living in happy.

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui get rid of old thing

    Feng shui tips 5 steps to improve your home and office feng shui get rid of old thing

  4. Forth S: SEIKETSU- Standardize: keep sorting, set in order and shin consistently.
  5. Fifth S: SHITSUKE-let those actions become personal habit.


Imagine that living and working in clean and tidy environment is so happy and comfortable.

Those 5 steps can help you to get harmony environment and make you happy. It can also energize you and inspire feng shui energy. You and your families will get good fortune, wealth and health.

Is it good feng shui placing too many mirrors in home?

Mirror is indispensable accessory in our home and mirror can be used to enlarge sense of space, so many people would like to place many mirror in home. But is it good to placing too many mirrors in home. The answer is NO.

Feng shui Mirror tips_facing bed

Feng shui Mirror tips_facing bed

Per feng shui principle, the mirror can change the energy flow’s direction. So if we place the mirror properly, the mirror can lead the energy and lights to reflect and eliminate negative energy (Sha Qi) so that we can turn calamities into blessings. But if you place too many mirror in home or place them improperly those mirror can be cause energy flow disorder and damage the harmony of home and reflect some negative energy to people who living in.  Especially do not place too many mirror in bedroom.

Top 4 feng shui remedy for sofa facing front door

Sofa is very important furniture in our home; it can make our life comfortable. Sofa also play very important role of feng shui. But sometimes we cannot find very well place to place it due to some reason. Many people place the sofa facing or against the main door, this situation is bad feng shui.  Feng shui energy Chi will rush to the people who is sitting on sofa. In long term, it will influence people’s health and cause to lose money and unstable environment. There are many feng shui ways which you can applied to remedy sofa facing front door, if you cannot move sofa to better place (Click here to see sofa feng shui tips.)


  1. Placing board leaf plant near our sofa to block the strong feng shui energy from out of door.

    feng shui remedy for sofa facing front door

    feng shui remedy for sofa facing front door

  2. Set up one cabinet or bar counter, those furniture not only can help you to get more space to storage your shoes or another things , also can help you to avoid strong feng shui energy Chi rush to your sofa.

    feng shui sofa facing main door

    feng shui sofa facing main door

  3. Bead feng shui curtain, one beautiful bead curtain also can help you to block the strong Chi and decorate your home.

    feng shui bead curtain to remedy sofa facing main door

    feng shui bead curtain to remedy sofa facing main door

  4. Aquariums (fish tank) as feng shui beginner, we shall know that the water can convert the bad feng shui. So placing one fish tank near front door is good feng shui way to remedy sofa facing main door.

    using Aquariums to remedy sofa facing main door

    using Aquariums to remedy sofa facing main door


Now you can chose one which most suitable for you to remedy sofa facing main door. Good luck.

Good feng shui tips for home

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophical science which relates itself to energy. It can be regarded as a practice concerning accurate spatial arrangement to channel a healthy flow of energy. The flow of energy thus created gives birth to a positive environment that has the potential to bring about many great changes.

This form of energy management has been in practice since time immemorial and its advocates have carried the matter though ages to ensure its continuation. To this day many households both in the western and eastern cultures are practitioners of Feng Shui. It can not only be used to bring changes to the present house, but this knowledge can also be used prior to the purchase of any property to make sure the investment reaps positive benefits.

Among the many different ways that Feng Shui can be used to create a healthy home environment, we are listing here today few of the most popular and effective tips that do not take much effort to follow and lead the way to some great changes, both in your house and in your life, so here they are!

1) Use Symbols For Both Good Energy And Decoration

Among Feng Shui symbols, a few of the most used ones are the wind chimes, Laughing Buddha and mandarin ducks. While a lot of people may inadvertently use these symbols and many others like it in their homes or offices, the meanings behind them and their effects are not very clear. So if you are looking for some Feng Shui elements that can clear away negative energy while at the same time spruce up your interiors then here are some of the best choices:

Crystals: Crystals come in a variety of colors and sizes. Different crystals have different properties depending on what their color and size is but the best property that is present in all crystals alike is the property to absorb negative energy. Keeping a bowl of crystals in your house is a good way to ensure that the energy of your house stays light and joyful.

Aquariums: Aquariums are a great way to add some zest to your living room while at the same time allowing the placement to attract abundance into your life. Aquariums are known to be great attractors of wealth and abundance and therein lies the reason why we see aquariums in a lot of restaurants and business places.

Laughing Buddha Statue- The Laughing Buddha statue stands for everything that is good luck- money, health and happiness. Keeping this potent statue in your house is a great beginning that leads the way to invite a great deal of luck.

2) Use Colors In Your Bedroom To Create Harmony

While we may react typically to some colors, in Feng Shui each color can carry vastly different meanings thereby by affecting the overall presence in the room. Feng Shui generally has set guidelines for color, all of which when used in the correct context can create unmatched harmony in your bedroom. Here are some of the best bedroom colors as per Feng Shui guidelines.

Colors of the earth: Since Feng Shui is about spatial arrangement, a lot of the colors that can be effectively used depend on which side the room is located. So, if your room is located on the eastern side, then earthy colors should suit best. Earthy colors, give one the option to choose from various shades of brown and green. Colors of water, like different shades of blue also work well for rooms located on the eastern side. Using appropriate colors for the eastern side of the room helps attract wealth.

Metal to white: Just like the east, rooms located on the western side deal with the creative energy force and colors that are best suited to nurture creativity range in the shades of white or light whitish metallic. These colors correspond with the Feng Shui element of metal and help boost the force of creation.

Blue and black: The northern side of the house deals with career and the best colors for career are the bold colors of blue and black. These colors are strong and aggressive and add a deterministic energy to the room thus giving birth to a strong will which is very sought after quality when it comes to career building.

Shades of red: The south wing of the house deals with reputation and social fame. The best colors that create the energy to maintain social integrity and likeability are that of red. Play around with different shades of red to see which one suits your life the best.

3) Spruce Up Your Bathroom, Because It Is More Important Than You Think

Bathrooms make for a great place to go creative with your interiors, but because the bathroom is also a place where we shed our waste, it ends up accumulating a lot of negative energy. So using Feng Shui tips to clean the energy of your bathroom is a great measure to take for building a healthy home with a vibrant energy. Here are a few ways you can use Feng Shui to spruce up your bathroom.

The color blue: Blue being a very warm and inviting color makes for a great shade to be used in bathrooms. The warmth of the color spreads loving energy, also because it is related to water element, the energy created by this color washes away negativity.

Elements of nature: Adding elements of nature to the bathroom help create a harmonious energy. Adding a small pot of plant or natural items like a jute rug brings the compassionate energy of mother nature into the room thereby creating a smooth and lucid environment.

Make room for light and air: Like mentioned before, bathrooms often end up collecting a lot of negative energy and the best way to get rid of them is by making sure that the bathroom has enough light and air coming in and going out of it. A big window with enough natural light and allowing enough passage of air is sure to set the tone for a beautiful bathroom while allowing it to maintain a healthy vibration of energy.

At the end of the day, Feng Shui is all about creating and maintaining positive energy within the interiors, be it a house or office. As long as you follow even the simplest of Feng Shui tips you will be paving the way for positive change. So follow tips that you like and that correspond the best with your lifestyle to invite unparalleled joy and abundance into your life.

Good tips for feng shui plants

What is Feng Shui and how it helps you?

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that is based on the concept that what where we live is the mirror of what is happening inside us. The Chinese work Feng means Wind while the word Shui means Water. As per the Chinese believes the movement of wind and water determines the health and wealth of a household. It is believed that if you take care of a few practices, good Feng Shui will come to your home. It can come in many forms like good health, better career, good love life and much more.

By carefully considering the placement of the household items like sofa etc. and by choosing right balancing items like Feng Shui plant, the energy in the house is maintained. There are many reasons for choosing right plants for your house. Indoor plants not only provide good energy but also bring happiness and prosperity in the house. Even science says that houseplants can make you feel calm and energetic.

How to choose Feng Shui plants?

There is a misconception that the lucky bamboo plant is the only Feng Shui plant available. However, in reality, there are main nine plants described in the Feng Shui practices other than the bamboo.

· Peace lily: This plant grows very easily in both indoor and outdoor environment. It does not need direct sunlight and artificial light can also help it in the proper growth.

· Palm: Palm plant can remove harmful chemicals like xylene and formaldehyde from the room. It is best suited in colorful décor. The plant has the power to activate the missing Feng Shui elements.

· English ivy: The Ivy plant can remove benzene which is found in household plastic items as well as formaldehyde from the room. It works as a poison killer and helps you to be in good health.

· Spider plant: It is a beautiful hanging plant that can remove carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde from the room. It works best in the rooms where you burn fire like kitchen or fireplace.

· Philodendron: The heart-shaped leaves of this plant are a symbol of the fire element. It is believed that this plant can bring life to the dark and cold area in your house.

· Ficus: In Feng Shui, this plant is considered as one of the best options as a room divider. This plant can remove harmful chemicals like ammonia, xylene, and formaldehyde from the air.

· Rubber plant: This plant is a great symbol of wealth, good fortune, and abundance. It works well in every part of your house.

· Boston fern: This hanging plant brings positivity to the house.

· African violet: The leaves of this plant look like coins. It is believed that this plant brings wealth and prosperity in the house.

How to maintain Feng Shui plants?

· The Feng Shui plants are effective only if you keep then in good health. The following tips will help you taking good care of your indoor plants.

· Every plant needs some light source. In case the plants inside your house have no access to sunlight, get a UV lamp or light up the room every once in a while.

· It is important not to overwater the plants. As you keep them inside the house, the evaporation level will be very low.

· Keep the pots clean and remove dead leaves as soon as possible.

Do’s and don’ts of the placement of Feng Shui plants

Feng Shui plants work perfectly in East, Southwest, and South direction. You can also place them in the entry hall, living room, dining room, underneath beams, home office and Peach blossom area. However, you should not place the Feng Shui plant in the center of the house, southwest, northeast, northwest, bedroom, and restroom. Also, you should not place large plants in the kitchen.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that was developed by our ancestors by observing the effects of elements in our daily life. Feng Shui plants and objects along with right placement of the household items can bring luck, prosperity, and wealth in the house. It is always good to consult a Feng Shui expert before choosing the right objects and plants for your house. Alternatively, you can also take help from the online communities as well.

Top 4 bad feng shui make your unlucky and unhealthy

Top 4 bad feng shui make your unlucky and unhealthy.
Feng shui exist anywhere in our living environment. Good and positive feng shui can help us keep health and bring good luck, fortune. If you are living in negative feng shui, you will become unlucky and looks ugly. Your mood change according to the living environment, your mood will affect your appearance. So if you want to get good appearance you must live in positive feng shui energy. Good mood and positive feng shui energy can make you young and energetic. So you must avoid living in below 4 kinds of environments.
1. Enclosed and motionless Chi energy environment: currently, there are many people who called indoorman and indoorwoman, those people does not like to go out of home. In long term, it will affect the health and appearance. We all know that The life lies in the movement. So living environment also need moment to get fresh energy. the fresh energy can inspire people to help us keep health and young.

indoorman feng shui

indoorman feng shui

2. Room with extraordinary air conditioner: air conditioner can make comfortable temperature. But if you setup the temperature too cool that will cause slow the new supersedes the old of skin, your skin will become dark. In winter, the air conditioner can warm the room, but it will make the air dry. So if you always stay in the room with air conditioner on, in long term it will influence your health.

air conditioner feng shui

air conditioner feng shui

3. Noisy environment: In this kind of environment, we cannot get stable feng shui energy. Noisy environment will affect people mood, QI and blood of people. In long term it will affect your appearance and health.

noice bad feng shui

noice bad feng shui

4. Wet and dark environments. Wet and dark environment are full of Yin Qi, if you living in this kind of environment, you will lose your yang Chi. that will cause unbalance of Yin & Yang. In long term, it will influence your health.

Wet and dark environments bad feng shui

Wet and dark environments bad feng shui

Must see shoes feng shui tips

Must see shoes feng shui tips

We talk about feng shui tips for shoe’s rack before.(Click Here to see feng shui tips for shoes ‘racks) In fact there are many feng shui tips for shoes which we need to know. Shoes feng shui also can decide our feng shui. So today we will talk about the feng shui tips for shoes.

Color of shoes: everyone has their own favorite color. Different color stands for different feng shui elements. So when we chose the shoes, the color of shoes shall match with your own elements. Below is the matrix of color and element. For example if your feng shui five element is Metal, the best color of your shoes are White, Golden and apricot. (Click here to find your owner feng shui five elements)

Color of shoes feng shui

Color of shoes feng shui

Metal: White, Golden and apricot;

Wood: cyan and Green;

Water: Black and Blue;

Fire: Red and Purple;

Earth: Yellow and Brown

Find one comfortable shoes for you: there are many kind of shoes on market. Such as: sneaker,Casual Shoes, slipper, high-heeled shoes, Flat Shoes and so on. We wear shoes every day. Old Saying: Marriage relationship really like shoes, only yourself know if it is suitable or not” we can know how important to find one comfortable shoes. So when you chose shoes, do not only care about the appearance of shoes. Comfort is the most important for you. Or else uncomfortable shoes can cause to lose money and opportunity.

Wear proper shoes on different occasion: different shoes and cloth has different feng shui energy. so you shall wear proper shoes on different occasion. For example, if your join one very important meeting, you shall have formal leather shoes which can math with your formal cloth. If you are joining one party, you shall choose Casual shoes.

Shoelace: if your shoelace is damaged, you shall replace it as soon as possible. The new shoelace’s color shall be same with your shoes. You shall always tie shoelace properly. Do not put it into shoes or tied casually. Or else you will lose your money and opportunity.

Do not wear second hands shoes or old shoes. It is not good to wear old shoes which maybe you put it in box many years ago. You need fresh feng shui energy, so if you decide do not want to wear it, just throw it out. For the second hands shoes, because you do not know the history of the second hands shoes, so we recommend you do not wear second hands shoes. Of course it is ok if it is for children shoes.

Keep your shoes clean. It is very important to keep your shoes clean. The shoes can indicate your condition. Clean shoes also can bring confidence for you.

Put your shoes in rack or cabinet. We wear the shoes outside, so the shoes will bring some feng shui energy which out of home. In order to ensure the energy from out of home do not trouble home feng shui. it would be better to keep them in cabinet. (See more feng shui tips for cabinet)

Feng shui picture and art tips for living room feng shui picture tips

Living room is very important part of home, so many people would like to hang some picture or arts to decorate living room. Decorating living room by beautiful picture and arts is very good method to help home to get more positive feng shui energy Sheng Chi. Many friends ask one questions: what kind of picture or arts are good to place in living room. So today we will talk about feng shui photos and art tips for living room.
According to feng shui principle, we shall get more Sheng Chi for our home. We know that Sheng Chi is positive, good healthy, prosperous and happy energy. So when we choose the picture or photos for living room, we also need to comply with this basic principle. The photos or picture which be considered as positive, good health, prosperous and with happy energy are good choice for living room.

feng shui tips for living artwork or photo

feng shui tips for living artwork or photo

Some picture or photos which has depression are not suit for decorate your living room. For example, if the picture contain the setting sun, fallen leaves, withered flowers or any other objects which with depression, this kind of picture photos are not good for your living feng shui.

feng shui artwork for living room

feng shui artwork for living room

Remember do not hang heavy photo or picture frames above you head, it is good to get some scroll painting.
In China, Some traditional Chinese painting are considered as good feng shui picture photos or art to bring positive feng shui energy. you also can try to get some of them to decorate your living room.
1.Chinese Mountain and Water Paintings. The mountain on the painting shall be mellow and full shape and covered by plants, the water shall be peaceful flowing.

Chinese feng shui picture_moutain and water

Chinese feng shui picture_moutain and water

2.Chinese peony painting. In china, peony is national flower and with wealth and auspicious meaning. But when you hang the peony painting, you shall pay attention to the direction. peony painting shall be place in north or south. Because Peony’s five element is wood, north is water. wood can be inspired by water. do not hang peony painting on west. By the way, Chinese peony painting also can be placed in your bedroom.

Chinese feng shui picture artworks_peony

Chinese feng shui picture artworks_peony

3.Lotus make people fell clean and honest. It also means happy and kindness. So lotus painting is also very good for living room.

Chinese feng shui painting picture_LotusPNG

Chinese feng shui painting picture_LotusPNG

4.Fish painting, In china, fish has very good meaning, it is that every year has enough to spend. So Chinese fish painting is auspicious painting. You can hang the Chinese fish painting in money area of your living room. click here to find your money area.

Chinese feng shui picture_fish

Chinese feng shui picture_fish

5.Bamboo painting, in china, bamboo means good career development and promotion. So you can hang some bamboo painting in your living room, home

Chinese feng shui artwork picture_bamboo

Chinese feng shui artwork picture_bamboo

Top 5 Feng shui tips when feng shui your home by green plant

Top 5 Feng shui tips when feng shui your home by green plant.

There are some things which can be used as feng shui tools to help you get good feng shui energy and harmony.

feng shui plant for prosperity

feng shui plant for prosperity

Such as pictures, mirrors, fish tank, calabash and green plant. Today, we will talk about how to use green plant to feng hui your home.Those green plants can be used to inspire feng shui energy and clear negative feng shui energy and help you to get wealth. But each kind of plants has different usage per feng shui principle. So there are some feng shui tips for green plants which you need to pay more attention.

1.Before you place plant in your home, you shall know what you want to get. For example: You want to get more money under feng shui helps, you can place money plant or money tree.  Those plants with round full leaves, it means rich and successful. Those plants also can let people feel comfortable and joyful


2.If you want to clear evil Energy, you can place some keel or cactus. But you need to pay more attention to the location which you placed. Or else you may get more trouble. You shall consult feng shui master before you place this kind plant to clear evil energy.

3.Always use real plants. The artificial plant cannot help you. They will attract fake relationship.

4.Do not place too many green plants in your bedroom; the green plant can help us refresh the air and release O2. So many people would like place too many green plants in bedroom. As you know, during night time, those green plants will release CO2. This case may even worse when we keep the window closed during night. In long term, it will affect our health.

5.Please take care of those green plants diligently. If the plant fades, replace them as soon as possible. The withered plants will bring negative and stagnant feng shui energy.

Feng shui tips for your love and marriage

Feng shui can reveal if a couple is likely to argue and divorce. If you can get harmony environment in home, it can help us to maintain good marriage love relationship.

An old Chinese Proverb: “If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

There are some feng shui tips which you can apply to get better feng shui energy to maintain your marriage love relationship.

  1. The number of accessories shall be even. Singular number means alone. So when you place some accessories, remember to place them in pairs.

    feng shui tips for love

    feng shui tips for love

  2. Round shape has the meaning of happy and perfection. So if you can wear some round shape accessories, it will help you to get happy and perfection. Do not wear accessories with sharp edge and shape.
  3. Choose some sunshine color clothes. White, pink and light blue color are sunshine colors, those color could show optimism and confidence, also can make romantic love for you. If you always wear dark and serious clothes, no one wants to talk with serious man or women.
  4. Do not place too many irregular shape objects. Those irregular shape objects can cause unstable love marriage relationship.
  5. Everyone has their own Peach blossom area(love area). We shall keep this area clean and in order. You can place some romantic picture or photos of you and your lover or crystal. You can find out your own love area according to your Chinese zodiac.

Monkey, Mat, Dragon—West;  Tiger, Horse, Dog—East;

Snake, Rooster, Ox—South;     Pig, Rabbit, Sheep—North;

  1. The bed shall against the wall. Wall as the strong support for your love marriage relationship. If your bed against the window or without any supports that will cause the relationship unstable and make it hard to find your partner.
  2. Keep your bedroom clean and in order. Mess can make people annoyed. It will also damage the relationship. Especially, keep it clean under your bed.
  3. Light in your bedroom shall be gentle. Too strong or too weak light will cause unstable relationship.
  4. Do not place too many color flowers in home. You can place some green plant and flowers to decorate your home but if you place too many colorful flowers will broken the relationship. Remove and replace any dying plant as soon as possible.
  5. The color of room play very important role. The color shall match with your furniture’s color. Gentle color can help to bring harmony for your home. You shall avoid painting your room colorful.

Hope those feng shui tips for love and marriage can help you to maintain the good relationship and find your loved partner soon. Good luck.