Must see Wallet Feng Shui Tips to attract wealth

Wallet play very important role to attract wealth. So getting one good wallet can help to get more wealth. So today we will share some feng shui tips for wallet.

wallet feng shui tips to attract wealth
wallet feng shui tips to attract wealth


  1. Keep your wallet in order. As feng shui beginner, we shall know that clean and tidy could help us to bring positive feng shui. So the first step is removing all unnecessary things out of your wallet. Receipt, bills and junk all of them shall be cleared. Second step is sort out your notes and cards keep them in order.
  2. Avoid empty wallet, placing some money in wallet, it means abundance.
  3. Place your wallet in proper place; many people place their wallet in the dinner table or cabinet where wallet can be found easily. But this manner is not good, if you can take care of your wallet, your wallet will help to attract more money for you. So find special location in your home to store your wallet properly.
  4. Choose proper color of your wallet, each color behalf on different elements per feng shui rules. So you shall choice matched color. Click here to find feng shui color tips of wallet.
  5. Auspicious shape wallet, Avoid folding notes can help you to get more wealth. So the long and straight wallet is auspicious shape of wallet. You shall avoid choosing irregular wallet.

If your wallet does not help you to attract wealth, you can try to get new wallet which can help you attract wealth.



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