Does feng shui works?

Does feng shui works? A lot of people ask the same questions. It is hard to answer this question. If you learn more Feng shui theory and history about feng shui. You could find some useful information and get your own answer. But some people said that I follow feng shui rules to arrange the house and office. But it does not work. I think there are some reasons that feng shui does not work.

  1. You did not fully understand feng shui theory and principle, if you do not understand feng shui principle and feng shui definition. Only the feng shui rules, it is not enough for you to get the true feng shui life.
  2. As Chinese feng shui more popular than before, a lot of Americans and people who live in other region interested in Feng shui. So the feng shui rules or feng shui term and feng shui principle had been translated to many language versions. In fact, in china many feng shui masters dose not learn English, So a lot of article was translated by someone who do not truly understand the feng shui principle. So feng shui just be translated according to the word means, it is not feng shui meanings. So we are working on this, our team member are learning about the feng shui definition and feng shui rules and feng shui principle to understand feng shui deeply. Then translate feng shui to English version. We try our best to summarize and make it understand easily.
  3. You also need to do hard work and do more physical training and care your family to get wealth, promotion and your health. Following the Feng shui rules you could get better environment, you will get your health, wealth easily.

 Although there are many people do not believe feng shui. But feng shui exsit so many years, it can be track back to 5000 years ago. All the feng shui rules and feng shui principle was accumulated for thousand years society and science development. It just shows unseen science aspect. So if you implement feng shui principle and feng shui rules properly, you will benefit from feng shui. Good luck!

Feng shui fish tank

Feng shui fish tank

Fish tank is used as tool which can convert the environment per feng shui theory. So today we will talk about the feng shui fish tank. Hope after you read that you can implement feng shui fish tank rules in your daily life to get better environment. If you have fish tank in your home room or office room, it is not only can get more funs but also can get better feng shui environment. Water is the resource of live, the water flow can harmonize the environment(QI 气) and get good fortune. But it is very important to pay more attention to placing fish tank properly. Or else it also will cause more trouble to you. So today we will talk about how to arrange the fish tank.

feng shui fish tank
feng shui fish tank
  1. The fish tank shall be placed unlucky area. Per feng shui principle in the house there are different location definitions. Unlucky location, lucky location, location with wealth. The fish tank shall be placed unlucky location to convert the bad fortune. Please do not place the fish tank in lucky location and the location with wealth. That will destroy your good fortune.
  2. Please pay more attention to the height when you place the fish tank. The fish tank must higher than your knee’s height. Because if the location of fish tank is lower than your knee, that means you step on the water. In that case, it will influence your fortune. Of course if too high and the height higher than your heart height when you standing. That also will hurt your fortune and your health. Because the heart of human is referred as Fire in feng shui rules, and fish tank is water. So the water and fire are not compatible. 
  3. The size of fish tank shall be decided per room’s size. Do not too large.
  4. If you place one fish tank in your bedroom. The shape of tank shall be round without sharp edge –Round shape: Metal (金jin) it can prosper water so it is good. –rectangle shape: wood(木 mu),inter-promoting relation so it is also good choice — square shape: earth (土 Tu) earth and water are not compatible so do not choose the square shape fish tank.
  5. For the quantity of fish. You shall decide how many fishes per your tanks size. But the better choice of quantity number is 1, 6, 8, and 9.
  6. The color of fish. The color of fish also is important. —Golden or white. The color of golden or white is referred as Metal of 5 elements(金jin) according to the five elements rules Metal can prosper the it will be good choice for you to help you getting more wealth. —– Black, blue or grey: those colors are referred as water of five those 3 colors also be good choice. ——- cyan or green, those 2 colors belong to wood of five elements. Less effective for prosper your wealth. —– yellow or coffee colors belong to earth of five elements. Less effective for prosper your wealth. So following above feng shui rules and five elements rules, the best choice of fish colors are golden, white, black and red. So the best option of the quantity and colors is 6 red color fishes plus 1 black fish. Or 8 red color fishes plus 1 black fish.
  7. The location of fish tank: —–do not place the tank behind of sofa. As you know fish tank belong to water of five elements. Per feng shui rules, water cannot be depended on. —– Do not place the fish tank in kitchen room; fire and water is not compatible. —–Do not place fish tank in washing room, or else that will influence your health. After read above content, I think you had known some feng shui fish tank rules, now you can have a try to get better environment by following feng shui fish rule. Good luck and best wish for your and your family.

What is feng shui

What is Feng Shui?  What does Feng shui means?

Do you trust feng shui rules? When we talk about Feng shui, I think a lot of people meet similar above questions. Sometimes we want to find one accurate definition of Feng Shui, but we found it is difficult to do that. Feng shui is complicated knowledge. It can be tracked back to 5000 years ago. A lot of people think that Feng shui is superstition. In fact Feng shui cover too many things. Also including superstition and social science. With the society development, Feng shui also evolved. As Chinese culture become more popular in United States and Europe. Feng shui principle, the ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment is also be focused by more and more people outside of china and Asian. Based on thousand years agriculture development. The ancient people summarized agriculture regulation and applied those principles during choosing the location of the building and housing arrangement such as direction of house and door size and shape to get wealth & health and harmonic. There are 3 major feng shui theory you need to know.

  1. First one is the harmonic between human and environment. Human and environment could be influence each other. Human could change the environment, the environment also influence the human. Even personal wealth, promotion and family can be affected by environment. The environment shall be air, water, sunshine, cloudy, earth, house, road est. also including unseen element. Feng shui is the principle used to modify or choose and arrangement of living environment such as bed or desk’s direction and location to get harmonic.
  2. Another major feng shui principle is Yin-Yang Balance
  3. The third feng shui principle is 5 elements (Wu Xing: Metal, wood, Water, Fire and earth)mutual generation and constraining

    Feng shui rules, Five element
    Feng shui rules, Five element

Besides there are some Feng shui term you need to know. The most important is QI(气) Qi is the core term of feng shui principle. Qi is referred as root of everything. The place with Qi is called as “吉地”(the place with good luck)so feng shui method is try to find out those area with Qi

In future we will introduce the feng shui principle and Feng shui term in detail. I think after you learn more about feng shui, you could define the feng shui definition by your own understanding.