Defining Chi feng shui Energy

Today we will talk about what is Chi, the feng shui energy.

We had talk a lot about feng shui energy Chi. Chi is very important part of feng shui. So as feng shui beginner, we need to know the definition of Chi feng shui energy. There are two type of Chi energy, Sheng Chi (Positive feng shui energy); Sha Chi (Negative feng shui energy).

SHENG CHI – According to the ancient Chinese feng shui theory, anything in the universe, there are many different energy sources that move in and around our living environment. Sheng Chi is positive, good healthy, prosperous and happy energy. If you have Sheng Chi, you will looks more positive and all good things (good luck, promotion, money, love) will flow your way. You can feel the positive feng shui energy where Sheng Chi existing. When you live an uncluttered life with fresh beautiful flowers, lush green plants, bright sunshine, a light and airy house, you can feel you are in Good positive feng shui energy Sheng Chi energy.


SHA CHI – Negative feng shui energy. When there are many Sha chi around you, you will fell unhappy.  You may be work unhappy, living in wrong place. This negative energy can drain you and can cause illness. Stagnated flows in dark corner, lifeless place are full of negative feng shui Chi. Sha Chi is around you, when you are down and depressed.


Now we know what SHA CHI AND SHENG CHI is, try to get Sheng Chi and eliminate Sha chi in your life. Then you will get better life.

Feng shui tips for your love and marriage

Feng shui can reveal if a couple is likely to argue and divorce. If you can get harmony environment in home, it can help us to maintain good marriage love relationship.

An old Chinese Proverb: “If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

There are some feng shui tips which you can apply to get better feng shui energy to maintain your marriage love relationship.

  1. The number of accessories shall be even. Singular number means alone. So when you place some accessories, remember to place them in pairs.

    feng shui tips for love
    feng shui tips for love
  2. Round shape has the meaning of happy and perfection. So if you can wear some round shape accessories, it will help you to get happy and perfection. Do not wear accessories with sharp edge and shape.
  3. Choose some sunshine color clothes. White, pink and light blue color are sunshine colors, those color could show optimism and confidence, also can make romantic love for you. If you always wear dark and serious clothes, no one wants to talk with serious man or women.
  4. Do not place too many irregular shape objects. Those irregular shape objects can cause unstable love marriage relationship.
  5. Everyone has their own Peach blossom area(love area). We shall keep this area clean and in order. You can place some romantic picture or photos of you and your lover or crystal. You can find out your own love area according to your Chinese zodiac.

Monkey, Mat, Dragon—West;  Tiger, Horse, Dog—East;

Snake, Rooster, Ox—South;     Pig, Rabbit, Sheep—North;

  1. The bed shall against the wall. Wall as the strong support for your love marriage relationship. If your bed against the window or without any supports that will cause the relationship unstable and make it hard to find your partner.
  2. Keep your bedroom clean and in order. Mess can make people annoyed. It will also damage the relationship. Especially, keep it clean under your bed.
  3. Light in your bedroom shall be gentle. Too strong or too weak light will cause unstable relationship.
  4. Do not place too many color flowers in home. You can place some green plant and flowers to decorate your home but if you place too many colorful flowers will broken the relationship. Remove and replace any dying plant as soon as possible.
  5. The color of room play very important role. The color shall match with your furniture’s color. Gentle color can help to bring harmony for your home. You shall avoid painting your room colorful.

Hope those feng shui tips for love and marriage can help you to maintain the good relationship and find your loved partner soon. Good luck.

Must know feng shui plants and flower for your office

As feng shui beginner, we know that feng shui plants and flowers can help us to get positive Chi and convert the negative Chi for our home and office. There are some feng shui plants and flowers we must know.

Auspicious plant and flower:

money tree
money tree

Those auspicious plant and flower has mellow and full leaves. They not only can bring positive Chi for your office meanwhile decorates office and refresh air.

Below plants and flowers are auspicious plants: Money tree, lucky bamboo, broadleaf fig, Asparagus myrioeladus, schefflera arboricola, chrysalidocarpus lutescens, bamboo palm, kaffir lily, hoya carnosa, cyclamen, snake plant, Asplenium nidus.

Those auspicious plant and flowers shall be placed in auspicious area.

Peaceful and calm plant & flower:

lily feng shui
lily feng shui

Those peaceful plat and flowers can help you get peaceful and harmonic Chi. they are lily, bracket plant,common callalily.

Plants can be used to reduce negative feng shui:

feng shui plant and flower cactus in bedroom
feng shui plant and flower cactus in bedroom

Rebutia minuscula, polypody, calabash; those feng shui plant can protect you away from negative feng shui energy Chi.

Those plants shall be placed near or facing negative area in your office. For example, if there is garbage station out of your window, you can place those plants on you windowsill, they can help to block negative Chi entering your office.

If you can use those feng shui plants and flowers properly, you will get benefit from them. Good Luck.

Important Feng shui plants you must know

The plant play very important role of feng shui, so if there are some proper plants in your yard and home will help you to get good feng shui. Many feng shui beginners will ask one question what kind of plant can bring positive Chi feng shui. So today we will talk about some feng shui plants which you must know.

  1. Jade Plant: The jade plant is succulent, medium sized cactus plant. Full and round leaves are believed to attract wealth and prosperity to the office and home. So you can keep it at the entrance or near the door in your office, home or cubicle.

    jade plant feng shui plant
    jade plant feng shui plant
  2. Money Plant: The money plant is the most popular feng shui plant. Money plant is behalf of wealth, prosperity and good fortune as well. You can keep money plant in your office and living room in home. It will bring prosperity and wealth for you and your family.

    money tree
    money tree
  3. Plum Blossom (Wintersweet): Plum Blossom has very strong life-force. It has pure lofty and rich meanings in Chinese culture. Each flower has five petals, so it symbolizes happiness, promotion, longevity, jubilant and money. So if you can keep one plum blossom tree in your yard, you can get very good fortune. The plum tree should be planted in the north or the north eastern sides of the house, for these are the most auspicious areas. If one is not too picky about that, they can put the blossoms tree anywhere in the garden. Of course, you also can get plum blossom potting and place it in your living room or office room.

    Plum Blossom feng shui plant
    Plum Blossom feng shui plant
  4. Peony: A peony is considered as national flower. The peony is delicate, rich and beautiful. It represents riches and honour. Red peony is a really auspicious. You can plant some peonies in your yard, you can make home yard more beautiful and welcoming.

    pony feng shui
    pony feng shui
  5. The Lily: The Lily is a beautiful plant. Lily often are used on Chinese wedding with meaning a harmonious marriage lasting a hundred years.This is one of the good feng shui plants. The lily can help to get harmony and happiness. It also has calming effects, so you can place this plant in the living room.

    lily feng shui
    lily feng shui

From now on, use those feng shui plants to get harmonic environment for better life.

How to feng shui your car

As you know, feng shui exist anywhere our home, office, yard, and garden .Feng shui also exit in our car. Getting positive feng shui energy Chi in our car can help us to have good driving mood and safe driving. There are some feng shui tips for your cars to get good feng shui in our cars.

Feng shui tips for car
Feng shui tips for car
  1. Remove the trash out of car and keep all the things tidy and clean in your car. As feng shui beginner, we know that trash and clutter can bring negative Chi. Old magazines, papers and package bags, empty plastic cups, just to get trash bag in your car and place them in it then take them out.
  2. Do not place any toys or objects with fierce sign. Such as fierce toys, tiger, lion and any other horrible objects. Those horrible and fierce objects will bring negative feng shui energy Chi in our cars. You also need to remember that no any horrible and fierce painting on your car also.
  3. Decorate your car by placing auspicious ornaments. You can place some auspicious ornaments per your favorite five elements.
  4. Choice the suitable color is also very important for car feng shui. You can chose the car’s color per your favorite five elements;  If your favorite five elements is Metal: Golden, white color is good choice for you. Also the main color of interior decoration also shall be similar. Favorite five elements is wood: Blue, green are very suitable color for you. Favorite five elements is Water;Black car is very good choice for you; Favorite five elements is Fire; red or purple car is good car for you; If your five elements is water; White car is suitable for you; This is for reference. You also need to ensure that you like it. That is very important for you also;
  5. Check and maintain your car regularly. It is very important to check and maintain car to keep it in good condition. The engine, tyre, brake system and so on.

Finally keep in minds that treat your car as your family member, you will benefit from your car. Good luck!

4 steps to feng shui your front yard and garden

Now we know that front yard and garden be called as Ming Tang in feng shui, it is very important for feng shui. So what we can do to feng shui your front yard and garden to get more positive feng shui energy Chi. There are some feng shui tips for your front yard and garden.  Continue reading: what is the feng shui Ming Tang definition.

feng shui tips for front yard
feng shui tips for front yard
  1. Remove dull and dying plants, including shrubs, flowers, lawn and trees. Dull, dying plants reflect the negative feng shui energy Chi. So we need to ensure the qi of front yard and garden shall be positive. The positive Chi shall be peaceful and full of life force, so first remove all dying plants and replaced by new one.
  2. Remove any trash and garbage, trash and garbage will bring negative Chi. Ensure less trash and garbage as you can.
  3. Make your garden welcoming by beautiful flowers and plants. Do not place too many plant with thorns such as cactus. If you want to plant rose, you also need to remember that do not place them near the walkway of your front yard and garden.
  4. Avoid straight walkway of garden and front yard. As you know, we want to get peaceful Chi in our garden; the straight walkway could cause Chi leakage easily and cause more unstable Chi. so the walkway of front yard and garden shall be meander. The meander walkway can reduce strong Chi flow from outside and help to keep the positive Chi feng shui energy.feng shui tips for front yard

It is time to make your front yard and garden more beautiful and welcoming, following thoes basic feng shui tips can help you to get more positive feng shui energy for wealth, health and prosperity

What is feng shui Ming Tang Definition?

There is another important feng shui item, it is Ming Tang. The areas which front your main door is called Ming Tang, such as Garden and front yard. Ming Tang is one place where Chi feng shui energy gathering. Ming Tang is playing very important feng shui role, auspicious Ming Tang can help to gathering positive feng shui energy Chi.

Ming Tang front yard and garden feng shui
Ming Tang front yard and garden feng shui

Ming Tang area shall be flat, clean, open, beautiful and welcoming. The Ming Tong is the space that welcomes the qi to the structure. Now we know why the Garden and front yard are so important to our home in feng shui. Nice, clean and welcoming garden and front yard really could help us to get positive feng shui energy Chi, we will benefit from Auspicious Ming Tang (Garden and front yard).  now it is time to make your garden and front yard more open, beautiful and welcoming.

Continue reading: 4 steps to feng shui your front yard and garden

Feng shui picture art or photos in bedroom

Many people would like to hang up some pictures or art in bedroom and place many photos in bedrooms. It is good idea to make bedroom nice. But there are some feng shui tips for picture, art or photos placement in bedroom.

  1. Do not hang up any violent, terrible, gory, disturbing picture. Those violent terrible pictures are full of negative feng shui energy. Meanwhile if you see those pictures before sleeping, it will bring nightmare easily and cause to sleepless.
  2. Peaceful and inspiring art are good for your bedroom. As you know, we need peaceful and quiet environment, so hang up some peaceful art is very good for getting harmony in your bedroom. Such as calming scenes from nature. Some inspiring art also are very good for your bedroom, when you wake up in the morning, you will see those inspiring art, it will inspire you to achieve your dream.

  3. Do not place too many religious figures in your bedroom and avoid them to face bed directly.
  4. Avoid photos of relatives or friends “watching you.” You can have a few key family photos in your bedroom, but avoid a clutter of photos of people everywhere, or you will feel like you’re being watched and will get overwhelmed. Meanwhile do not place the photos of dead person in your bedroom.
  5. Do not hang very large picture or photos above the head of bed. This situation will cause more pressure to you when you sleeping. Meanwhile there are some protential risks of picture frame falling.feng shui art tips for bedroom


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Is Feng Shui a belief or superstition?

Many people and feng shui beginner has some concerns about feng shui. Some people think feng shui is a belief or superstition. Firstly, we want to tell you that feng shui is not belief and superstition. It is natural & social science.

feng shui

In china, the recordable feng shui principle can be track back to thousands years ago. Feng shui is based on natural environment and social science. Feng shui is study of harmony between human and surround living environment. Ancient people use feng shui ways to determine the building location and door’s position and so on. The purpose is achieving the harmony between human and living environment per feng shui ways. Meanwhile thousands years history and evolution of feng shui also proved that feng shui is natural & social science. Many feng shui experts are studying feng shui around of the world; many feng shui tips are still used in modern society for better life.

So Feng Shui is definitely not a superstitious belief. It is about improving & harmonizing the Chi (feng shui energy) in the environment by correct application of Feng Shui. Feng shui can help you achieve better fortune and success in your destiny. Meanwhile you need to know that feng shui is not just purchasing and placing some feng shui products in home or office, you can apply many feng shui tips without any spending.