Chinese Zodiac Goat Sheep Outlook and feng shui tips in 2015

For people born in Sheep years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

Chinese Zodiac goat sheep Outlook and feng shui tips
Chinese Zodiac goat sheep Outlook and feng shui tips

This year is unstable year for your life. You shall work hard and keep calm to face this unstable year.

Wealth, money luck is weak in this year. But autumn and winter Goat still has some opportunities to get good return. But for summer goat, the money luck is very weak in this year. Your expenses are also going to increase and it is advised that you should not loan money out this year. You can place fish tank in your home or office to convert negative feng shui

Career, your career also will become unstable. Such as job transfer and company relocation may occur. For winter goat has some good opportunities to get promotion. But for other season sheep shall keep hard work and learn to be patient.

Love, unstable situation will affect people’s mood. You need to spend more time with your spouse or partner to maintain the relationship stable. For the single out, it will be difficult to seek a new partner. But you still can search for one patiently.

Health, Pay attention when driving, sport or cutting by knifes to avoid any accident or hurt. You should not take part in any dangerous activities.

Good Luck!

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