How to resolve the cross beam pressure stove in the kitchen

How to resolve the cross beam pressure stove in the kitchen

Avoid water and fire relative

water and fire cannot collide, so the faucet in the kitchen cannot be relative to the stove, otherwise the hostess’s waist bone is easy to have problems, and the family is often troubled by emotional problems; In addition, the water level should not be too close to the fire level, otherwise it is suspected that water can overcome fire.

Solution Method: The faucet and stove should be placed in an L-shape to avoid mutual confrontation, so as to reduce the chance of family suffering from gastroenteropathy.

Do not rush at the door

If the stove is located at the end of the kitchen door and in line with the door, it is a crime ” Door Punch ” ; If there is another door or other door outside the kitchen door, that is, the door is opposite to the kitchen door and then to the stove, it is a double ” lsquo; Door Punch ” ; Evil, the main fortune is repeated, and the family is prone to serious illness and minor pain.

Solution Method: Of course, it’s best to move the stove. If you can’t move it at will due to the limited location, you should close the kitchen door for a long time as a remedy.

Do not press the stove with a beam

If there is a beam on the ceiling of the kitchen, there is no adverse effect in principle, but if it is a cross beam press stove, it will be detrimental to the cooks who often go in and out of the kitchen, The ancients thought that the cross beam pressure cooker would be bad for the hostess. This is because the ancient society was dominated by men and women, and most of the people who went into the kitchen were women. However, times have changed, and the interpretation of Feng Shui should also have a new interpretation according to the changes of the times, so the influence of the cross beam pressure cooker should not be limited to women.

The stove should avoid being shot by the corner of the wall, otherwise the family’s heart and waist are easy to have problems.

Solution Method: It is best to move the stove away from the position under the beam or facing the corner of the wall.

The kitchen should be decorated mainly in light colors, such as beige, ivory, etc. do not use red and black, because the stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If red is the main color, it is easy to lead to excessive fire and risk. “Fire is hot and earth is dry “, As a result, family members will become grumpy or prone to liver disease, Black is also not suitable, because black belongs to water, which will form a ” Water and fire collide ” , The phenomenon affects the health of family members.

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