What are the precautions for decorating the bathroom

The bathroom can be divided into toilet area, bath area and toilet according to its function. The main equipment includes toilet pool, bathtub, shower, toilet and cabinet for storing towels, cups and other small items. The toilet area is often visited by guests. Washing your face and brushing your teeth is also the place you want to go in the morning. If the light is sufficient, you will feel refreshed all day. Therefore, a larger window must be installed during decoration; If the room is large enough, install a bathtub or ” mdash; A bathroom is better

it should be noted that there should be no water heater in the bathroom, because it will bring danger to you and your family; At the same time, it should be noted that the switch of bathroom light should be pull-up type rather than socket type to reduce the possibility of electric shock; As the bathroom is humid, pay attention to ventilation. If possible, install a ventilation fan; The lamps installed around the bathtub or shower head shall be determined to be absolutely impermeable; The lighting on the ceiling or the materials used should pay attention to water resistance to avoid moisture intrusion

when decorating the bathroom, pay attention not to face the bedroom, let alone change the bathroom into a bedroom. If you do so, it will not only affect the health of residents, but also be inappropriate in Feng Shui

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