Wall design

As the background of displaying goods, wall plays an important role. The design of the wall of the store should be in harmony with the color and content of the displayed goods, and adapt to the environment and image of the store. There are generally four ways to use the wall:

① erect a display platform on the wall to place goods

② place a display stand on the wall as a commodity display place

③ make simple equipment on the wall to hang goods and arrange display articles

④ make some simple equipment on the wall for decoration

among the above methods, the first method is mostly used by food stores, grocery stores, stationery stores, bookstores, pharmacies and other stores, the second and third methods are mostly used by various clothing stores and household appliances stores, and the fourth method is used by furniture stores and other stores that mainly display goods on the ground

there are many kinds of wall materials, but it is more economical to paste the printing finish on the fiberboard, which has the advantages of easy disassembly and modification

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