Problems in decoration should be corrected immediately

Most people think that once the store is decorated, they can completely ignore it. As for the quality of business, it is all a business relationship, which has nothing to do with the design of the store. In fact, this is a very wrong concept

once the store starts formal operation, that is, when the store and Feng Shui begin to work, whether the business is good or bad is inseparable from the store Feng Shui. It’s like driving on the road. When you feel that the car doesn’t travel very smoothly, will you think the problem is the poor condition of the car or the poor skill of the driver? Maybe both are related, but I suggest you still have to take a complete look at your store to see if you have violated any Feng Shui taboos or thoughtless planning. Find the problem and correct it immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand before looking for the master for help. It’s too late

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