Taboos of table selection and decoration

In a family restaurant, the table occupies the core position, and the feng shui of the table also directly affects the fortune of the whole family. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there are also many taboos on the table. If you are careless, it may lead to the family’s loss of money or affect the family’s health. Therefore, you must not be careless when placing the table

I. the table texture should not be marble and glass

the table made of marble or glass is relatively hard and cold. Although it has a strong sense of art, these materials have one thing in common, which can quickly absorb the energy generated by the human body after eating, so the table made of these materials is not conducive to the communication between diners, Not suitable for dinner tables

II. the dining table should not have sharp corners

sharp corners are the most taboo on the dining table. Generally, the more the angle of sharp corners is, the sharper the urine is. The use of triangular dining table will lead to family discord, and the physical and mental health of family members will also be damaged, while prismatic dining table is easy to lead to money leakage; As for those tables with wavy water shape, although they are inconsistent with the shape of the traditional table, they can be selected reluctantly because they have no sharp corners

III. White Candle chandeliers should not be used on the dining table

some chandeliers are composed of several candle shaped tubes. Although the appearance feels that the design is very novel and has high ornamental value, if it is hung on the dining table, it is like stacking several white wax candles of different lengths on the dining table, which is by no means a good omen. White candle is the symbol of funeral. If it is placed in a large and small dinner place, the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid this situation, and the use of candles of other colors is not harmful

IV. tables and chairs should not be ” Lights ” ; Press

if the lamp is installed directly above the dining table or chair, when someone sits down to eat, a lamp pressure head will be formed. This layout will seriously affect the activity of a person’s thinking and is not conducive to the development of his career

If there is a flat roof or a slanted roof, it is better for the family to have a flat roof, or if there is a slanted roof, it is better for the family to have a flat roof. Beam capping is a big taboo in the feng shui of the house. No matter where the house is, as long as there is a beam capping structure, it is unlucky, especially when it is pressed on the bed, sofa, dining table and stove

VI. the dining table should not be directly facing the door

if the dining table is directly facing the door, it is easy to lose money. Pay attention to ” in house Feng Shui; Like whirling, don’t rush ” , If you make a rush, it will make the vitality of the residents easy to vent, and the Feng Shui in your home will be greatly affected. If the dining table forms a straight line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is very inappropriate

VII. the dining table should not be facing the kitchen

when cooking, the kitchen often emits the choking smell of oil smoke, and the temperature in the kitchen is relatively high. If the dining table is placed opposite it, it will hinder the health of the family, such as upset, grumpy and so on

VIII. avoid stacking sundries near the dining table

stacking too many sundries will destroy the good feng shui formed between the dining table and the dining room, which is easy to make the residents’ families disharmonious and affect the feelings between husband and wife

IX. the dining table should not be directly rushed by the doorway

the dining table is a tool for large and small dinners. It must be quiet and stable, so that the family can enjoy three meals a day at leisure. If there is a doorway, it will not only damage Feng Shui, but also make the family unhappy. In addition, if the restaurant is set in a multi-channel position, it is like being in a vortex, making people uncomfortable, We must try to improve

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