How to arrange the study reasonably

The study is a place for people to read and study. A good study environment is conducive to improving learning efficiency and enhancing learning fun. When arranging the study, you should pay attention to the following points:

① lighting: there is no doubt about the importance of light for reading, so special attention should be paid to daylighting. Direct lighting or semi direct lighting can be adopted, and the light is best irradiated from the upper end of the left shoulder, or a high and non dazzling desk lamp can be placed in front of the desk. The desk lamp in the special study should adopt art desk lamp, such as rotary arm desk lamp or dimming art desk lamp, so that the light can be directly irradiated on the desk. If it is a multi-purpose study with one room, it is advisable to use semi closed and opaque metal desk lamp, which is convenient to focus the light on the desktop, which can not only meet the needs of the working plane, but also do not affect other indoor activities. If you are reading on the seat sofa, it is best to use floor lamps with adjustable direction and height

② color: the color of the study should not be too bright or too dark, but should be decorated with soft colors. Two pots of plants such as evergreen, Clivia, asparagus and Chlorophytum are more pleasing to the eye

③ ventilation: because there are more and more electronic equipment in the study, a good ventilation environment is needed. At the same time, people need to think with their brains in this environment and also need more sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the study should not be placed in an airtight room. The doors and windows shall be able to ensure air convection, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine. It’s best to control the temperature of the room between 0 and 30 degrees. There are three taboos in the placement of the computer: first, avoid placing it in the window directly exposed to the sun; Second, avoid placing it under the cooling port of the air conditioner; Three taboos are placed near the radiator or heater

in the decoration and layout of the study, it is best to give priority to white, and some parts are decorated with other colors. The space becomes bright and comfortable, with both taste and interest

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