How to put the plants in the study

The study should be mainly quiet, and the greening and beautification layout should be conducive to learning, research and creation. The large study can be equipped with ancient shelves, bookshelves, small furnishings, potted Clivia and landscape bonsai, creating an artistic and elegant reading environment. Cactus can also be placed. Cactus or cactus has strong oxygen production capacity and can absorb the radiation within 1 square meter around it. It is especially suitable for being placed in the study with computer to continuously purify the air. Of course, hydroponic plants such as green pineapple can also be hung in a corner of the bookshelf, which not only does not occupy space, but also can be used to purify the air with efficient light cooperation

if you want to put flowers, it is recommended to put a small Cambodian daisy. The Daisy has a strong evapotranspiration effect and can purify formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. It is suitable to put it on the desk or a basin on the company’s desk

in the study, it is appropriate to place a pot of light flower fragrant plants such as jasmine, osmanthus, rose and Michelia, or plants with small leaves such as asparagus and zebra flower

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