How much do you know about interior decoration Feng Shui

In terms of indoor decoration, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to, and these need to be seen in many kinds. In various decoration layouts, they affect their families every minute. So how much do you know about indoor decoration Feng Shui and indoor decoration Feng Shui? Let’s take a look

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feng shui knowledge of interior decoration, how much do you know about feng shui of interior decoration

feng shui knowledge of interior decoration

1. The bedroom

bed should not face the window, especially the window in the west, because the window receives light and heat. Even the windows facing east are not good, because residents will be hindered by the dazzling sunshine in the morning. The bed facing the door is also unlucky. This is because when the dead were placed in ancient China, their feet were facing the door. In addition, the bed cannot be placed under the inclined ceiling

the bed should lean against a solid wall, which is better than putting it in front of a glass window, because the wall is like a mountain protecting the house, giving the sleeper a solid feeling. The bed cannot face the mirror. The Chinese believe that when a person is asleep, the soul will leave his body. If the mirror is just opposite the bed and the soul sees his image, the soul will be shocked, which in turn will hinder people’s spirit. However, the mirror can be used in narrow space or aisle. It can make people have broad illusion, turn the flow of air, and stimulate the improvement of air flow

the dresser in the bedroom cannot face the window because the light will be reflected by the glass and mirror. In addition, the furniture placed in the bedroom should not form a row of bow shape, pointing back to the bed or the center of the bedroom, otherwise it will damage the health of people in the bedroom

II. Kitchen

Yin Yang balance theory is also applicable to kitchen design. The refrigerator house should not be close to the stove, otherwise water and fire will collide. Under no circumstances should the stove be placed in a dead corner, because it is neither bright nor ventilated. The kitchen should also not face or * close to the bathroom, because Feng Shui experts believe that the two rooms are incompatible

III. living room

putting a recliner in the living room will not bring good feng shui. It is like a shovel in the opposite direction. It is also unlucky to hold a person’s chair facing a larger window or door

IV. dining room

according to the Chinese people, the table should be round, which symbolizes the blessing of heaven. The table should be placed in the center of the dining room and the light should be balanced. The number of dining chairs must be an even number, not an odd number

v. study

in the study, the position and shape of furniture are very important. It should be changed into rectangle and * solid wall, and the window on the left is the best. And should conform to the auspicious orientation of Feng Shui

Feng Shui should be avoided in family interior decoration

1. There should be no water leakage in the house

water leakage in the ceiling or wall is a very troublesome problem, sometimes involving the whole building or upstairs neighbors, and sometimes involving the whole building or upstairs neighbors. It is not easy to find or solve the problem of water leakage. For a long time, indoor mildew and wall cancer are easy to occur, resulting in allergies or trachea problems. We should pay attention to whether there is water leakage in the ceiling or wall. In particular, black hearted homeowners will cover up the water leakage problem with new decoration, and we should check it carefully to avoid spending money and hurting themselves

all internal water pipes shall be opened or renewed, and then other decoration works shall be carried out to ensure the living quality

2. The indoor moving line should be smooth

the moving line will affect the safety and mood of users. The moving line of all rooms, passages, shared spaces, and even the design of stairs must be smooth and in line with the principles of ergonomics. If the moving line is poor, it is easy to cause inconvenience to life and even accidents. Therefore, do not choose a house with poor moving line

3. The water pipe in the house should not be blocked

when selecting a house, you can pour a basin of water to each drainage outlet to observe whether the drainage can be unobstructed. If the drainage is not smooth, it will lead to indoor flooding or high humidity, resulting in inconvenience to life and damage to health. It is best to avoid this kind of house, or prepare a water pipe decoration fee before moving in to complete the house

4. Complete the gossip position

(1) find the true north 0″deg; Hold a compass and stand at the center of the room to find the true north 0″deg; And mark the correct position on the layout plan. (when using the compass, the mobile phone must be taken away and kept away from beams, columns and electrical appliances)

(2) draw the correct octagonal position

align the center point of the protractor to the center point on the plane configuration diagram, and connect the protractor 90 ” deg; Overlap to due north 0″deg; Mark 22.5 scale to the left and right respectively, and connect with the center point into two straight lines respectively. This range is the sill position. Then every 45 DEG; The area grid is formed into one hexagram position, and the eight hexagram positions and directions can be clearly marked in a sequential manner

6. Calculate the divination direction

plane configuration diagram, draw the right angle vertical line of the gate at the gate position, and draw the parallel line parallel to the vertical line of the gate with the center point as the center, so as to know the sitting direction of the house. (this example is sitting south to North and departing from divination)

5. Keep proper humidity indoors

the humidity that makes people feel comfortable is 45 ” mdash” mdash; 55% RH, too dry or too wet indoors will lead to adverse consequences for family health. Therefore, when choosing a house, you must pay attention to it

Feng Shui taboo in family interior decoration

I: if the house is a European style house, these houses have more large bay windows in order to increase indoor space and daylighting and wind. If the balcony faces such sawtooth buildings, it must be resolved with bay mirrors or copper turtles, otherwise it is easy to lose money

P “gt; some people don’t know the scenery of the living room, but some people don’t know the scenery of the living room. Although it’s easy to put the dining table in the living room, it’s not good to put it on the balcony

III: if there are too many mirrors at home, it will easily lead to money loss and consume the wealth of the family. However, it should be noted that although some people do not have mirrors, smooth glass will also form mirrors, so it is better to change them into frosted or carved ones

4: the door in the home should be square and angular. Some people like to make an arched door, which is not good, because the door post sometimes looks like two candles, which looks very bad and is prone to money loss or disaster

V: the house with the door directly facing the elevator entrance is easy to get in and out, but such a house is easy to lose money or suffer from disasters. In particular, pay more attention to the elevator on the right side of the door. Such houses need to be blocked by a porch before they can be dissolved

VI: for the master bedroom, the windows should not be hedged. If there are windows on both sides of the bedroom, they should be at right angles rather than hedged. Feng Shui believes that this pattern of double window hedging is easy to lead to the host’s virtual and sick body, the husband and wife are not easy to get pregnant and destroy wealth. If there are windows on three or four sides, it is more taboo. So I need to block a window

7: the choice of dining table is also very important. Generally, it is better to choose rectangular or oblong ones, which do not need strange shapes. If the prismatic dining table will lead to the leakage of money, those wavy and water-shaped dining tables are not very good, while the triangular dining table will lead to family discord and poor health

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