How to design Feng Shui at the gate of the community

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the gate of the community is the place where the whole park breathes. After reaching unity with the surrounding environment and resolving various adverse factors, the design of the gate of the community itself should also comply with feng shui design. Its contents include the size of the door, the shape of the door, the angle of the door, the treatment of the brake in front of the door, etc., which are introduced one by one below

  1. door angle

generally, the door should be in the same line with the enclosure and fence of the community. Individual communities had to adjust the gate at an angle in order to play a prosperous star chart according to the principle of Xuankong Feng Shui, and the direction of the wall could not be changed. This practice is too large, but it is not appropriate. If the degree is too large, this scheme cannot be used, otherwise it will become ” Oblique door and crooked way ” ; It looks very ugly

  2. door shape

there are generally three types of door shapes: straight, retracted and variable

straight gate is common and appears more. The retracted gate is more auspicious. Retraction can strengthen the suction of the gate. The variable gate gives people a sense of atmosphere and modernity. The reasonably designed variable gate is also good from the perspective of Feng Shui. More and more large-scale communities adopt this kind of gate in contemporary times. Feng Shui believes that the protruding gate is unfavorable

  3. door size

the size and size of the community gate should match the size of the community area and the height of the buildings around the gate. The community is large and the door is small, which is inappropriate. The community is small, and the door is too big and poor. It is the same reason as people wearing shoes. It is not appropriate to be too big and too small. Naturally, you can’t blindly pursue luxury and style. What is suitable for the community is the best: now the community is generally multi-storey, or even high-rise buildings, so the door can be appropriately opened and repaired higher. If the whole community is a single storey or two storey villa, the gate should not be built too high, otherwise it will lose its beauty, which is even worse from the perspective of architectural Feng Shui

  4. treatment of the evil spirit in front of the door

the so-called evil spirit is not mysterious, that is, from the perspective of architectural Feng Shui, it is an unfavorable gas field formed by unfavorable things, unfavorable buildings and evil shapes. For example, due to the restriction of basic conditions, the front door of the community must face some taboos on Feng Shui, T-junction, etc., the following solutions can be taken

① set a water curtain in front of the gate? This method is most suitable for the south. In the north, the water curtain has strong seasonality, but it loses its function in winter. Moreover, the water curtain can not be sprayed 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is not advocated to use this method alone in the north

② there is no screen wall in the gate. Screen wall, also known as shadow wall, is often used in ancient architecture in China; It is not uncommon that there is no evil Qi in front of the door. At this time, its role is to forcibly change the direction of the air flow at the entrance and turn the straight Qi into a circuitous and concave Qi, so as to produce an auspicious feng shui effect

④ set up large Waterscape in the gate. This method is similar to the first water curtain method. In the north, seasonality makes it discounted, but the change of the route of the driver will also weaken the brake

④ planting a large area of trees in the gate is also a simple and effective method. In practical application, the combination of the above methods will have a better effect. If waterscape and trees, water curtain and trees are used at the same time, the role of resolution will be stronger

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