What should we pay attention to when placing TV in the bedroom

Modern people have a high standard of living and rich material enjoyment. It is not surprising that there are many televisions at home. Put one in the bedroom and sleep on the bed ” Take your time ” ; It’s really common

the author does not approve of placing TV in the bedroom for the following reasons:

in some cities, there is an inch of gold and earth, and the new bedrooms are very thin. It is really unsanitary to face an object with current and radiation at such a close distance. It has been scientifically proved that the chance of catching a certain kind of terminal disease with a TV set at the head of the bed is relatively high. The current radiation will affect the earth atmosphere

if there is a TV set in the bedroom, what should we pay attention to in Feng Shui

it should be noted that TV sets should not be placed at the head and tail of the bed. Feng Shui Masters believe that putting a TV at the head and end of the bed is like sleeping in a grave. The TV is a tombstone, which is very unlucky. Since it is not suitable to place TV at the head and tail of the bed, the remaining position is only on both sides of the bed or on the side of the head and tail of the bed. Of course, the farther the distance, the better

it is better to put the TV in the auspicious position, which is inferred from the aspect of Qi regulation

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