What is the best Feng Shui facing window

If conditions permit, it is better to have windows facing east, South, east or south. Why? First, the windows facing east and South have the best lighting and ventilation conditions

the East is the place where the sun rises. The early morning sun will make people feel that the beginning of a new day is very beautiful, which can inspire people’s spirit and provide motivation for work. The south is generally the sunny side, especially in winter, which is more conducive to daylighting. However, in summer, the light in the South will be stronger, and thicker curtains can be used

at the same time, the wind from the south is the most comfortable. People often say ” The south wind smokes people, Because the wind in the south is warm and humid air from the Pacific Ocean. In summer, the south wind brings a little moist smell of the sea, which is very cool. In winter, it brings a trace of warm smell of the south, and it will not be as dry and cold as the north wind

secondly, both the East and the south are auspicious places in Feng Shui. There is much auspicious atmosphere in the East, that is, the so-called ” Purple comes from the East, The south is full of dignity. These two directions are the best for Feng Shui. However, it should also match the five elements of the room owner, such as the master bedroom window. If both husband and wife belong to fire, it is not suitable to open in the south

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