Is the wall clock in the living room round or square good feng shui

Although it is very convenient for both mobile phones and watches to check the time, for many people, if they live at home, it is still necessary to hang a clock in the living room. After all, practicality is on the one hand, and the decoration can also be greatly enhanced. Is the wall clock in the living room round or square

I. is the wall clock in the living room round or square

from the perspective of residential Feng Shui, the clock in the house should use square wall clock and circular wall clock, because the clock has different materials and shapes, which can be divided into five lines according to its materials and shapes. So what are the five elements of a round clock and a square clock? Which one is more suitable for hanging in the living room

1. Advantages of hanging a circular clock

most families like to choose a circular clock, because the five elements of the circular clock are gold, which means that the sky is square and the earth is round, symbolizing that business is like a rotation and its door is like a city. The circle also means reunion in Feng Shui. So it’s lucky to choose a circular clock to hang in the living room

2. Advantages of hanging a square clock

in addition to the circular wall clock, the square clock is also the shape of the wall clock that everyone has always loved. The so-called home should be quiet rather than moving. The square clock represents stability, that is, it symbolizes that the family is comfortable in the room. In addition, the five elements of the rectangular or wooden wall clock are wood, and the five elements of the square wall clock are soil, which is conducive to the development of the homeowner. Therefore, the selection of square clock is also very appropriate. If the clock style is triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, it symbolizes that people in the house are easy to disagree, there are many right and wrong, and there are many contradictions. Clocks and watches do not need to be too large. Large clocks and watches are easy to make people restless and fidgety, causing mental tension in the room. We must avoid them

in a word, round and square clocks are more suitable to hang in the living room. You can choose according to your personal preferences. However, we should pay attention not to choose the triangular wall clock as far as possible, because its five elements belong to fire. In addition, we should not choose wall clocks with creative shapes such as wave shape, water shape and polygon. Their five elements belong to water. Both water and fire will make it easy to lead disputes between right and wrong in the house. Therefore, only circular and square wall clocks are the most serene and auspicious

Second, what’s particular about the shape of the living room wall clock

1. Design of the old wall clock:

the overall design of the old wall clock will be more simple and calm. At the same time, it can also show the beauty left by the gentle erasure of time. For many friends who like the design of retro elements, the old wall clock is indeed a very good boutique. At the same time, it can have a certain collection value. The old wall clock made of solid wood is very popular now

At the same time, the round wall clock has a vivid effect on the living room. For example, the round wall clock can have a vivid effect on the living room, but it also has a lot of visual effects; Open the door and see the end ” ; Very unlucky

3. The front of the wall clock faces the balcony:

a good feng shui layout can attract money and treasure. If the wall clock in the living room can be properly placed, it can form a good feng shui pattern. One of the functions of the family wall clock is to attract money and treasure. No matter what shape the wall clock is, it is better to make the front of the wall clock face the balcony

4. Turning the evil spirit:

according to feng shui theory, the home wall clock also has the effect of turning the evil spirit, because the wall clock will swing, and the evil spirit is the meaning of threat. Through turning the evil spirit, the surrounding evil spirit or threat can be transferred. The living room wall clock had better face the window, and it would be better to adopt a circular or square wall clock

5. There should only be one master clock:

don’t have too many wall clocks in the living room. It’s best to have only one master clock. Too many clocks disturb the Qi of the family. A good feng shui pattern is inseparable from a good luck, and the master clock should not be placed on the top of the sofa, which is very bad for the health of children and the elderly. It’s best to put it in the front of the living room

III. what’s the emphasis on the placement of the wall clock in the living room

wall clock has a special position in this kind of articles and accessories. This kind of jewelry with a slight retro flavor takes into account people’s ability to place items at home. Some of the sofas in the living room are against the wall. The position of the wall clock on the sofa is not very good. It’s hard to see the time. Generally, some paintings will be hung above the sofa

it is auspicious to hang the wall clock on the rosefinch side. Determine the location of the wall clock in the living room. If you don’t know where this location is, search the layout of the room online, and you can roughly determine the location of the rosefinch according to the online description. The specific location of the wall clock should be integrated with the layout of the whole room. The selected location of the wall clock can be well decorated

no matter what type of house it is, it can be divided in all directions, ” lsquo; Left green dragon, right White Tiger ” rsquo; It refers to the left and right direction of the house, and the direction of Qinglong is Jifang. You can put the wall clock in this direction, which can make the room more energetic. Generally, the wall clock is placed in the living room, so the wall clock can be placed on the left of the living room. The wall clock faces the door or balcony. It’s better to rest assured. Placing or hanging the clock in the bedroom is roughly the same as that in the living room, but the clock cannot be hung at the head and end of the bed

there are many ways to pay attention to hanging clocks and watches in the living room, both in shape and position. Before we buy Clocks and watches, we must understand and learn more feng shui knowledge, so that we will not affect the family’s Feng Shui because of the mistakes of clocks and watches

Where should the square wall clock be placed in the living room

although the appearance of the wall clock is larger than that of the watch, it is inconvenient to carry out. Therefore, it is better to put it on the wall at home. Not only look at the time at a glance, but also beautify the home environment. However, many people ignore a problem, that is, the placement of the wall clock

1. It is appropriate to put rosefinch position

rosefinch position is a fire position, which is just south of the living room. This position is very important for Feng Shui, so if the layout is good enough, Feng Shui can be greatly improved. Generally speaking, when the wall clock is in this position, it can produce a high degree of fit, because both the wall clock and the rosefinch position are happy to move. Therefore, it is better to hang the wall clock in the south of the living room

2. It is appropriate to put the green dragon position

on Feng Shui ” Left Green Dragon and right White Tiger ” ; It refers to the left and right directions of the house. Qinglong square is the auspicious position. Clocks and watches can be placed in this position, which can make the room full of vitality. In addition, it would be better for the clock to face the door or balcony. The wall watch in this direction should be green and cyan, and the shape should be square

3. Facing the living room window

it’s also good to place the wall clock facing the living room window. Because the living room window is a place for air intake at home, if you don’t pay attention to it, evil Qi and Yin Qi may enter your house. If the wall clock is facing the window, it can easily inhibit the evil spirit, so as to make Feng Shui cleaner

4. Do not put the basaltic position

the basaltic direction belongs to the rear and should be quiet. The wall clock will make a sound to show the time. It is not appropriate to put it in the Xuanwu side. The general orientation of the home should be clear. Don’t put a wall clock in the back of the living room, that is, the Xuanwu side. Find a better place to put the wall clock in other places. The direction of the wall clock should be carefully determined, which is related to the luck at home. It should be placed according to Feng Shui

the front of the clock usually has the function of fighting evil spirits, so remember not to face the gate, because the gate is where we go in and out every day, which is not conducive to fighting evil spirits, so the better place should be facing the window or other open places, so it can also solve some evil spirits. In addition, we should also remember that the wall clock is better. Do not hang it directly on the sofa. It is easy to make people who often sit in the second position have problems. Such as cold, headache, fever, etc

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