How to decorate the bedroom

One third of one’s life is spent in sleep. In the highly competitive contemporary society, family is a place to put down the burden and relax. It is the ultimate destination of every friend who works hard for life. So let’s not underestimate ” Bedroom ” ; The greatest credit is to this ” Meritorious person ” ; There are also some precautions in the layout of the bedroom:

first, the bedroom should not be round

people generally do not design the bedroom into a circle when designing, because this design is not only time-consuming and laborious in decoration, but also a waste of the space area of the whole room

however, some people who are relatively affluent economically and pursue avant-garde and fashion like to build a round bedroom at home, and then put a round big bed in the center of the round bedroom, which makes their bedroom unique and full of their own unique ideas everywhere, making it a veritable round ” Circle ” , It sounds very philosophical, but this kind of decoration is actually inappropriate

some houses have designed round or curved windows for better daylighting and view, which is acceptable, not for the pursuit of unique personality. Because, as long as the wall of the whole bedroom is not circular or arc-shaped. Moreover, having good vision and daylighting can give people a pleasant, positive and upward feeling. Therefore, this is a successful design. The furniture in the bedroom, especially the bed, must be based on straight lines, because straight lines can give people a sense of stability, peace and quiet

II. bedrooms should not be long and narrow

people will feel lonely over time if they lie in a long and narrow bedroom for a long time. And those who are more sensitive will be more cranky in this case, which is not conducive to sleep

III. the bedroom should be square

the shape of the bedroom should preferably be a regular square, not narrow and long. Only in this way can it be conducive to ventilation. The bedroom door can not face the kitchen door, so as to avoid the hot and humid air in the kitchen from entering the bedroom

IV. the head of the bed should be against the wall

it is not easy for people to see things above their heads when lying flat, so the head of the bed should be against the wall, which can avoid exposure and increase some sense of security. Otherwise, people who sleep in bed are prone to trance and paranoia, which will affect their health

v. the bedroom should have windows

when decorating the master bedroom, we must pay attention to that the master bedroom should not be too dark. If the window of the room is too small or there is no window at all, the air will not flow, and the sun is not easy to enter the room. Once the Yang is insufficient and the qi stagnation is not smooth, it is easy to make people dizzy

VI. some bedroom shapes that should not be selected

in the bedroom, in addition to the above two inappropriate shapes, some shapes should also be taboo, such as triangle, Pentagon, octagon, semicircle, etc., which are harmful to human health. As a place for the family, the bedroom should be quiet

VII. the bedroom should not have beveled edges and convex corners

the shape of the bedroom should be square, and beveled edges or polygonal shapes should not appear. Because the bevel is very easy to make people have the illusion of sight, while the polygon is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which will increase people’s mental burden. In the long run, it will be harmful to health

VIII. there should not be columns in the bedroom

there are generally sharp corners in the places with columns in the room. Too many sharp corners in the living space will have a bad impact on all aspects of people. The pillar in the middle of the house is the most unsuitable to the bed; The column at the four corners of the bedroom has less adverse effect than the column in the middle of the room. If there is a column on the left and right sides of the bed, this decoration is a big taboo in Feng Shui

From the perspective of Feng Shui, a square bedroom is the best. It can make the people lying in it feel calm and carefree, which is very beneficial to human health. If the square design cannot be used due to the limitation of the size of the house, it is also good to use the rectangular design. However, we need to remind you that the smaller the gap between the length and width of the bedroom, the better

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