Feng Shui complete illustration of building decoration

When you decorate your house, will you pay attention to the feng shui of house decoration? In fact, the decoration of buildings and houses are very particular about feng shui. We should all pay attention to it one by one. After all, only in this way can we better master Feng Shui and benefit from Feng Shui

sunshine should be sufficient

for a building, sunshine and light are always the most important factors. Sunshine and light directly dominate the feng shui of a house and are also directly related to our bad luck after living. Therefore, no matter what, we should pay attention to the light of the house when decorating the building. Light includes natural light and human light. First of all, we should ensure that the indoor natural light is sufficient, the light source is strong, and there should be windows for ventilation and lighting, so that the house can form a good feng shui; Secondly, when the natural light of the house is not enough, it also needs to be assisted by lamps. Therefore, the decoration of lamps in the home is also indispensable

ceiling height

when decorating buildings, many people often ignore Feng Shui matters related to the ceiling, but in fact, even the ceiling, they have to pay attention to some Feng Shui and some Feng Shui problems in decoration. Among them, the height of the ceiling is very particular. Feng Shui believes that the decoration height of the ceiling should not be too low. When the height of the ceiling is too low, it will lower the visual height of the whole room, which will increase the visual nerve pressure, thus affecting the nervous thinking of the family; In addition, the sense of oppression not only oppresses the family’s health, but also affects the family’s fortune and family fortune. Therefore, the decoration of the ceiling is too low, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui

the staircase is the bedroom

Feng Shui believes that the lower part of the staircase cannot be used as the bedroom. The stairwell is a narrow and narrow space, and from the perspective of house type pattern, the pattern of the stairwell is not placed in, with an oblique angle. In addition, many stairwells are not high enough, and even adults may spray on the roof when they stand upright. If such a space is decorated into a bedroom, it will only have a significant impact. Irregular space as a bedroom will only affect the Feng Shui atmosphere of the bedroom itself. In addition, irregular space as a bedroom will pose a great threat to the fate and health of residents. Therefore, in any case, the space under the stairs will not be used as a bedroom. It’s best to use this space as a small sundry room for daily sundries! In addition, it should be mentioned here that many people like to arrange the toilet under the stairs, which is also very bad for Feng Shui

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