How high is the threshold to meet Feng Shui

Many houses will make threshold at the door. From the perspective of toilet, the threshold can prevent a lot of dust from blowing into the house. In addition, for Feng Shui learning, the threshold can give play to the power of seeking good fortune and avoiding bad fortune in some cases

how high is the threshold

if the door outside is flat and empty, the threshold should be higher, and five inches is the best, because ” V ” ; Count the main five lines. In this way, the air in the house has bars, which only gather in the house and will not escape

if there is a long straight road outside the door, it is called ” Make a mistake ” , There are three hundred and sixty days, which is not the same as the three hundred and sixty days of the ancients

and there is no evil spirit at the door. It can be one inch and two points higher. Take the same number as the month of the year (there are twelve months in a year). As for size, you can follow the size scale of Luban ruler, because its scale is Chinese size

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