Feng Shui layout of staircase Restaurant

There are all kinds of decoration designs. Although the design of the restaurant facing the stairs is relatively rare, some people have adopted this pattern, so is the restaurant facing the stairs Feng Shui good? What are the principles of restaurant color matching

the restaurant is facing the stairs. How about Feng Shui

do not use the bottom of the stairs as a kitchen or bedroom. The space under the stairs is inclined and uneven, so it is not suitable for restaurants, kitchens and bedrooms. Because people feel very depressed under the stairs and are easy to bruise. If you want to use the space under the stairs, it’s best to design it as a storage room or toilet, which is conducive to the wealth of your family and accumulate more money at home

if the color of stairs is similar to the orientation, it will form Feng Shui that is unfavorable to family luck

stairs should not stand opposite to the gate. When the stairs stand against the door, the popularity and wealth upstairs will rush out when the door opens, which is not conducive to the health of the family and wealth. If this pattern occurs, a concave mirror can be placed between the steps and the gate, which can reflect the gas energy back into the house

What are the principles of color matching in restaurants

the color matching of restaurants is not simply stacking some colors, but to follow some principles of color matching, such as the same color matching, adjacent color matching, similar color matching, medium color difference matching, contrast color matching and multi-color matching

collocation of the same color system means that the main color and auxiliary color are unified in the same tone, giving people a sense of coordination, such as light blue and blue collocation; The collocation of similar colors refers to the collocation of items with similar or similar colors, giving people a sense of calm and harmonious color, such as the collocation of yellow and red; The matching of contrasting colors refers to the area and color matching of the places or items to be decorated through accurate control, forming a strong visual contrast through a strong sense of color saturation, resulting in a fierce psychological feeling, such as the mutual matching of red and blue. Therefore, when we dress up our own restaurant, we should not blindly match the color, but pay attention to the principle of restaurant color matching

the stairway is facing the dining table. Is Feng Shui good?

the triangular ceiling has a unique design and reflects a kind of sexuality. The stability of the triangle is used to build the ceiling, which increases the durability of the room and further constructs people’s desire to buy. The round dining table of white marble is facing the entrance of the stairs. It is reasonably designed and orderly placed, which brings people a kind of warmth and makes people feel more at home. There are many small lights on the ceiling, just like the stars in the sky, which is full of gorgeous feeling. Blue stairs and wooden handrails with black lines are full of a strong flavor of modern home

why is the number of stair steps odd?

appears ” Parity ” ; It’s normal. The current building code has requirements for stair step height and many other specific dimensions, and there is a scope of application or lower limit. Generally, the step height shall not exceed 180mm, and the specific building type has its own requirements. In general architectural design, the suitable range of building floor height and stair step height should be considered, so as to determine the number of stair steps on each floor, which must be singular and even. The stairs are mostly two running ladders with a rest platform in the middle. If the number of stairs on each floor is singular, the upper and lower sections of the rest platform will be a parity match, usually one level apart

in fact, stair steps are people’s good wishes in Feng Shui, hoping to bring good luck to themselves and their families. According to the actual situation, there is no way to make even steps, and it doesn’t matter

Feng Shui of restaurant stairs

1. The slope of stairs should not be too large to prevent the elderly and children from slipping. Of course, it is the same for adults

2. Stairs are frequently used and belong to high wear parts, so relatively solid materials should be selected during construction

3. The width of stair railing should be large or small. The problem of children’s collet should be considered. It should be designed so that children’s head can’t enter, or it can be made into one that can pass freely

4. If there are gaps in the stair steps, women should pay attention when wearing short skirts to avoid embarrassment

5. Pay attention to fillet treatment of stair treads to avoid injury to feet

6. The stair steps should consider the floor height and single step height, as well as the good and bad luck of the steps. Generally, ” Prosperity and death ” ; As a key point, the last step on the platform should be ” Health ” ; Or ” Boom ” ; Word decision

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