Kitchen stove back house reverse how to resolve

It is said that Yang Jiufu, a feng shui master in the Tang Dynasty, once saved countless people by changing the stove; In the Feng Shui classic “eight House mirror”, it is to seek wealth, marriage and children’s interest by moving the kitchen position. Since the stove has such an important role, if it is isolated and unreliable, won’t it make the wife, wealth, son and salary lose their dependence

in traditional kitchens, it is rare that the hearth is not against the wall, which occurs ” Unreliable ” ; The situation is also rare. However, in modern kitchen design, especially the island stove with the stove in the middle of the kitchen, there is no support around. Not only that, because the stove is in the center of the house, it will also cause a ” Fire attacks the heart ” ; The kitchen pattern, which will seriously affect the physical and mental health of the family who cook food for everyone

especially the pattern that not only the four sides of the stove are not close to each other, but also the position is in the center of the kitchen, but also just opposite to the sink. In Feng Shui, it is really very disadvantageous

if you are buying a house or are planning to buy a house, you are advised to avoid this stove design with the mentality of trusting it as much as possible

the stove must not be turned upside down. In the past, the stove used to burn firewood. In order to add firewood to the stove, there is usually a large stove mouth. The direction of the stove mouth is the direction of the stove. This direction must not be the opposite of the sitting direction of the Yangzhai itself. If it is the opposite, the gas entering the stove will run counter to the gas entering the gate. The two contradict each other, which is quite unfavorable to the family’s luck

today’s kitchens have stoves without stoves. Because firewood is no longer used to make a fire, there is no such stove in the past. Therefore, the side close to the wall is ” Sit ” , The outward side (that is, the side on the back of the cook) is the face. In other words, if the house faces south, people should not face the south when cooking

there is also a problem about the sitting direction of the house. It is not easy to determine the exact sitting direction of a house. In addition to the buildings of the house itself, it also depends on the flow direction of rivers and hills in the surrounding environment, even the nearby roads and surrounding tall buildings. These will have a great impact on determining the sitting direction of the Yangzhai, which is not as simple as ordinary people think

fortunately, there are few requirements for the hearth in Feng Shui, as long as it is not opposite to the room. Unless it is a special case, the opposite direction of the door and the room rarely occurs, so we may as well take the direction of the door of our own home as the standard when positioning

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