On Feng Shui in porch decoration

In the decoration of Feng Shui in the porch, the matters needing attention need to have the importance of light, and there are also selective light sources. How about the discussion of Feng Shui in the decoration of the porch? Let’s get up and have a look

Feng Shui talk on porch decoration

the following points should be considered for the decoration and setting of the living room porch:

1. The interval of the living room porch should be solid

the interval of the living room porch should be solid below to prevent leakage, and the above should be mainly transparent. Therefore, transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

2. The daylighting of the living room porch is better

the daylighting of the living room porch should be bright rather than dark, and most residential porches have no natural light source, so we must use more brains in daylighting. In addition to the interval should use more transparent frosted glass, most of the living room porch has no outdoor natural light, so it is necessary to remedy it with indoor light, such as installing lights

3. The interval height of the living room porch should be appropriate

the interval of the living room porch should not be too high or too low, but moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most appropriate. Cabinets can be made below, about 88 cm high. The above can use Bogu shelves and so on. If the interval between the questions in the porch of the living room is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it. Feng Shui believes that if the porch of the living room is set too high, it will completely block the air outside the house, so as to cut off the fresh air or vitality from the door, which is very undesirable. If it is too low, it will have no effect, which is inappropriate in Feng Shui and practical aspects

If the living room is too clean and messy, it will not only keep the living room clean, but also keep the living room clean. The entrance of the living room is messy and dark, and the whole room will appear crowded and depressed. Some Feng Shui items, such as Kirin, can be placed on it

in the large-area mirror, a circular mirror is hung. At first glance, it looks like a ripple caused by a drop of water on the water surface, as if you can hear the flow of water. The two table lamps with bright yellow lampshade are full of modernity. Bright yellow is the mainstream color of Chinese culture. Although it is a combination of Chinese and western, the style characteristics are not obvious, but have reached a high degree of unity

the Chinese style cabinet whose style characteristics are not obvious has a thick atmosphere, and the accumulation of history forms a rough surface, which forms a strong contrast with the smooth mirror. For example, the solid stone embankment by the pond

the porch decoration of the combination of Chinese and Western styles is the most taboo. The two style characteristics are too obvious, so it is difficult to avoid the confusion of primary and secondary

for the narrow porch space, it is best to avoid the right angle shape of the porch cabinet, especially the glass is easy to harm people. This should be avoided in the selection of furniture and decoration

the installation of the mirror shall be sealed on the back and side according to the process, so as to prevent the acid glass glue from corroding the mercury on the back of the mirror and causing the mirror mottled

the large-area mirror in the main background contains the collision and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Like a vast ocean, it accommodates hundreds of schools, covers everything, and expands the space infinitely. The bronze horse of the Han Dynasty and the flower rack of the late Qing Dynasty in the jewelry imply the track of the development of ancient culture, as if there was a clue of time for us to guess

pay attention to the Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of the porch

the interval of the porch shall be solid

the partition design of the living room porch, which needs to be solid design to prevent the leakage of flourishing gas. The upper part is mainly transparent, and transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

ensure the daylighting of the porch

the porch of the living room should be in bright colors. Many residential porches have no natural light source, so we should make more efforts in daylighting. In addition to using transparent frosted glass at intervals, we can also use indoor lights to illuminate

the height of the porch

the height of the porch should be moderate, usually about two meters. You can sit in a locker below, It’s almost 80 cm long. You can use a Bogu frame on it. If the porch is too high, people will feel oppressive. Feng Shui has long been introduced. If the porch is set too high, it will block the fresh air and vitality outside the house. If it is too low, it will have no effect

porch cleaning

the position of the porch should be kept clean. If there are too many sundries around, it will not only make the living room messy, but also have a bad impact on home feng shui. These Feng Shui items like Kirin can be placed for use as town houses only

window and light selection

the porch should not be close to the window. The main lights such as chandelier and ceiling lamp can be used in the porch, dotted with some auxiliary light sources such as spotlight, wall lamp and fluorescent lamp

color matching

the color of the porch is mainly warm, which brings people a comfortable and warm feeling, and makes people quickly forget their troubles and experience the happiness of home

if the space of furniture and storage cabinets in the bedroom is low, it can affect the normal travel of furniture. You can also refit the floor furniture into a hanging display cabinet and make the low cabinet into an open hanging wardrobe, killing two birds with one stone, which not only saves space but also increases practicability

porch decoration

the function of decorations is to make the porch more beautiful. You can put some potted plants, family photos, landscape paintings, etc., which can make the porch have different effects. Recommended reading: spatial Feng Shui layout of bar decoration

feng shui knowledge of new house decoration porch

the color of shoe cabinet cannot be red to avoid the bad luck of going out and seeing red. The height of the shoe cabinet should not exceed one-third of the height of the house, because this space is composed of the top talent, the middle talent and the bottom talent. Shoes belong to the soil and cannot occupy the space of talents. The separation of the five layers of the shoe cabinet is best to correspond to the five lines. The right side of the shoe cabinet is the positive direction

when going out. The shoe cabinet and clothes hook are set at the porch. In order to improve the decoration of some families, a mirror will be installed here. Remember that the mirror cannot be directly facing the door, otherwise the good luck and wealth coming in from the door will be reflected

the brightness of the light in the porch is very particular. The key is to grasp a degree, not too bright or too dark. It takes some time for the eyes to adapt when they return home from the outside world. It can be imagined that it is a kind of injury to suddenly remove the too bright lamp. The light is too dark, threatening the decline of luck. The lighting at the entrance is recognized by feng shui masters as a design that is easy to change health and wealth. We must not take it lightly

putting shoe cabinets in the porch is almost a design commonly known as agreement. In fact, such display comes from Feng Shui. People must wear shoes when they go out. When they come back, they are stained with the gas of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. They are messy. They are only suitable for placing near the gate and can’t wear them into the inner room. Therefore, it’s most suitable to put away the gas of these five elements and set up a shoe cabinet in the porch. Recommended reading: is it difficult for couples to live long if Feng Shui is not well arranged in the wedding room

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