Which places in the home should not be placed with plants

The kitchen and children’s bedroom at home should pay special attention to the placement of plants. A little carelessness will have a great impact on house transportation. Therefore, it is best not to place plants in the kitchen and children’s bedroom

the kitchen is a place for family cooking. The heat is relatively heavy. Plants placed in the kitchen are easy to be withered by oil smoke or heat. The wilting of potted plants is not a good phenomenon in Feng Shui. It’s best to avoid it

If you plant plants in the kitchen, they will easily make the fire in the kitchen

plants are not suitable for children’s bedrooms. Children are too young, both skin and respiratory system are very delicate. The bedroom is where children sleep and play. Plants are likely to cause children’s allergies. The best defense is not to place them

in addition, family plants with children should be placed in a higher and safer place to prevent children from eating the flowers and leaves of plants by mistake

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