Five feng shui taboos in house decoration

1. no heavy objects can be placed in the middle of the house

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the middle of the house is a very important Feng Shui position. This position is like a human heart. No matter which floor, no heavy objects can be placed in this position. If your room happens to be in this position, please remember that this room must not be vacant for a long time. If the bedroom is this room, It’s good for you in Feng Shui. Living here for a long time will be of great help to your career and study

2. stairs cannot face this door

no matter what house it is, the stairs and door face are bad feng shui. Especially in some villas, some people set the price stairs to face the door in order to make the design look more beautiful. In fact, this is particularly bad. Such feng shui will easily make the money in the family disappear or your blessings lose, And you’d better choose a smaller slope of the stairs, otherwise it will be difficult to gather gas. The size of the house also has a great relationship with the shape of the stairs. Anyway, it’s not good for the door to the stairs

3. choose yellow for the lights in the porch

generally, it is better to choose yellow for the lights in the porch, which means perfection. We can choose white for the lights. Generally, white lights represent rationality, and you are very decisive in doing things. You should also be rational in using money for your family, and yellow lights represent sensibility, Emotional will make people feel hesitant, which is not conducive to your judgment. Using yellow lights will make people feel that God has unconsciously spent money, so we also need to pay attention

4. the inclination of the roof should not be too large

generally, the roof of houses in China will not have too big problems, but for some houses that like European style, it should be noted that the roofs of these houses generally have strange shapes or relatively inclined, which will be ferocious. If the inclination is a large triangle or a slope roof, it is commonly known as ” Cold shoulder house, Such a house is particularly non wealth gathering. The sharper the roof is, the worse it is. If the roof has a large inclination, the airflow in the house will become very strange, which is bad for people’s health

5. Feng Shui in the corridor at home pays attention to

we need to pay attention to that if the corridor at home is deep and bottomless, or deep and long, it is easy to have no sunshine. If the door is facing the forehead at this time, you will have a lot of trouble. Just like a hotel, a corridor connects many rooms, and it is also easy to have an affair or elopement, Then it will be difficult to be safe

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