Feng Shui in the science popularization room is exquisite

In today’s life, Feng Shui has become a very popular stress. Almost everyone will care about feng shui. In the layout of the room, they will also pay attention to some relevant attention and matters! Just because feng shui will affect our luck, we have to pay attention to these matters

pay attention to calligraphy and painting

presumably, many people will have the habit of placing calligraphy and painting. A pair of calligraphy and painting with beautiful meaning, hanging on the wind wall of the room, not only has the effect of decoration, but also can bring auspicious meaning. It is a good choice. However, the placement of calligraphy and painting is also very particular. For example, it is not suitable to place calligraphy and painting at the head of the bed. The placement of calligraphy and painting at the head of the bed will have a sense of oppression and even cause some pressure on people’s nerves. In addition, the content selection of calligraphy and painting is also very particular. It is suitable to choose some Feng Shui calligraphy and painting with auspicious meaning, rather than some beast pictures, naked women pictures, waterfall pictures, etc. the calligraphy and painting with auspicious meaning will affect the feng shui of the room

emphasis on lamps

as long as it is where we live, we can’t live without lamps. Lamps and lanterns are the tools of lighting in the night and the important place to light up the space and bring us light. And lamps are also indispensable items in the room. But there are many exquisite lamps! Feng Shui believes that the installation position of lamps and lanterns cannot be directly above the bed. If there are lamps and lanterns directly above the bedroom, it will form a shaky feeling, which will be affected to a certain extent whether visually, neurologically or psychologically. Not only that, the lamps will also oppress the Feng Shui in bed, thus affecting our health, so the lamps should not appear above the bed. The color selection of lamps and lanterns also needs attention. Generally, red, blue and purple lights are not suitable for use in the room. You can choose warm yellow and warm color series lights, which is more in line with the attention of Feng Shui

attention to curtains

curtains are also very particular in rooms. We must always pay attention to Feng Shui in the selection of curtains. Generally speaking, young people prefer some curtains with unique patterns. Such curtains have personality, but in fact, Feng Shui believes that the patterns of curtains should not be too unique, especially some skull head patterns, which imply bad luck and will affect Feng Shui. Secondly, the color of curtains also needs to be noted. Married people can’t use pink curtains. Moreover, red and black curtains are too depressed and can’t be used in the room! In addition, the shading effect of room curtains must also be paid attention to. As a place for us to sleep, we should try to choose curtains with good shading effect, which is more beneficial to our sleep

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