What should we pay attention to when placing the statue of God and Buddha

Nowadays, religious belief is free, and some people with religious beliefs like to worship gods and Buddhas at home. However, there are some precautions:

(L) do not worship in a dirty place, but always keep clean

(2) do not worship in front of the window

(3) the height of the divine table should be in accordance with the text meter ” Wealth” This ” ; Good luck

(4) do not rush to the door, column, corner, corner, water tower, electric pole, toilet, kitchen and bedroom

(5) fish tanks and mirrors shall not be placed in front of the throne

(6) no sound or TV can be placed under the throne

(7) the divine position cannot be under the beam

(8) do not behave impolitely in front of the Buddha

(9) behind the throne is not the toilet and kitchen

(10) feng shui masters should be invited to choose the best position of the God’s position and the day

(11) do not pile garbage under the throne, put it in the trash can

(12) no chandelier is allowed to cover the sight in front of the statue

(13) do not dry clothes before the throne

(14) the fluorescent lamp above the God’s throne shall not directly aim at the statue

(15) don’t offer too much. If there is damage, it should be repaired as soon as possible

(16) the throne should be enshrined in the three auspicious places

(17) no chair is allowed under the throne

(18) the divine table cannot be swung left or right

(19) drugs and sundries should not be placed on the God table

(20) the throne should be backed against the wall

(21) fresh flowers and vegetable fruits

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