How to decorate the wedding room

A couple will move into a new house after marriage, which is related to their future life

a new house should be a sunny room. It can make people feel the happiness of marriage and keep it for a long time. The dark room will suck away happiness and put marriage at risk

therefore, do not use too dark colors when decorating the room. They will make you feel bad

however, all kinds of red are festive elements that must be used when getting married, so there are usually many objects symbolizing love decorated in red in the new house. However, if you live in houses with more red for a long time, it is easy to be grumpy. Therefore, the usual practice is to keep the festive elements for a year and gradually reduce these excessive ornaments in the process

although it is a new house, it must not have the smell of newly decorated houses. When decorating a new house, we must use environmentally friendly materials and open it for more days after decoration to volatilize the smell

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