Top 5 feng shui tips to clear negative feng shui energy in your bedroom

As you know, the bedroom is very important in feng shui. so today we will talk about some feng shui taboos with high risk to impair people’s health. some feng shui tips for you to clear negative feng shui energy in your bedroom.

Feng shui taboos #1: Washroom in the bedroom-Risk index

If you have big house and there is one big bedroom with washroom inside. You will think that will be comfortable for people to go washroom. But as you know, washroom is full of bad smell and moisture. There is no window in washroom that will be worst condition. The bad smell and moisture will flow into bedroom. The moist environment will be good for germs. So in long term, this kind of environment will influence our health.

Toilet in bedroom
Toilet in bedroom

Solution: before you decide to buy the house, you shall confirm if there are some window on washroom. If there is window, it will be very good. Those windows could help to air. You also need to pay more attention to the washroom door’s location. The door shall not face to bed directly. Pls remember to install exhaust fan to help exhaust moisture out. Keep the door of washroom closed.

Feng shui taboos #2:Place TV and computer in Bedroom–Risk index:

Some people would like to place the TV and computer in bedroom. But those electronic devices will emit electromagnetic radiation. In long term, it will influence our sleeping quality even our healthy. Based on investigation result, If place TV in bedroom will reduce 50% sexual life. Because we will only focus on TV programs and there are less communication between couple. Meanwhile the violence will cause Low sexual desire.

Solution: clear TV and computer and other electronic device out

Feng shui taboos #3:Fish tank in bedroom–Risk index:

Fish tank can bring more fun for your life. But placing fish tank in bedroom is not good choice. The water evaporate will cause humid air. Meanwhile the air pump in fish tank also makes noise during sleeping.

Solution: Place the fish tank in living room. The living room with good air flow and easy to replace water in fish tank.  see more feng shui tips for fish tank here

Feng shui taboos #4:Full of green plants in bedroom–Risk index:

The green plant can help us refresh the air and release O2. So many people would like place too many green plants in bedroom. As you know, during night time, those green plants will release CO2. This case may even worse when we keep the window closed during night. In long term, it will affect our health.

Solution: less green plant in your bedroom. You can place some dracaena sanderiana or the small cactus which can emit O2 all day. That kind of plant like sunshine, so they also can help you to absorb sunshine energy to inspire the feng shui energy. Do not place the shade loving plant

Feng shui taboos #5:Luxurious decoration in your bed room-Risk index:

So many people like the nice and luxurious decoration in bedroom. Nice and luxurious decoration means you will decorate your bedroom with too many materials. But those materials contain some contamination which can diffuse to air. So more decoration material will diffuse more contamination. Those contaminations are very bad for our healthy. So in your bedroom simple decoration would be better to get good environment.

Solution: simple decoration not only can save money for you, also can bring good environment for you. If you really like nice and luxurious decoration, please remember that before move in you shall have contamination test to confirm the air quality is ok.

Hope those feng shui and health tips can help you to get good and harmonic environments.  You can find more feng shui tips to clear negative feng shui energy in your home.

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