What plants are arranged in the study

Due to the limitation of space, the study of modern residence is tense. Usually, it is difficult to accommodate other decorative furnishings except a desk, a chair and one or two bookshelves. Like bookshelves, tables and chairs and wall edges and corners, large books are single life hard straight lines. Only by decorating with green plants in appropriate parts can the interior form a harmonious picture, And then create a unique leisure elegance

in the study, you can choose some potted evergreen plants suitable for indoor planting, because these plants naturally regulate the indoor environment. So what plants are more suitable for the study? The study should be full of scholarly smell, and the plants should be placed in the Wenchang position of the master. You can choose mangosteen, asparagus, Fugui bamboo, ivy, etc. These plants can strengthen people’s thinking power and facilitate learning. They can also put basin leaf grass Acorus thin on the desk, which can calm the mind, dredge the orifices and prevent insomnia. But it can be divided into three categories. Let’s talk about it in detail below:

(1) vigorous plants

green and invincible all year round, with luxuriant leaves and thick stems, tall and straight and easy to live. They always look vibrant and majestic. They can adjust the atmosphere, enhance the environmental atmosphere and make the room healthy and peaceful

recommended plants:

evergreen leaf: it is green and evergreen all the year round. It is regarded as a symbol of good luck among the people

Brassica: the plant shape is neat, the stem is tall and straight, the leaf surface is wide and has golden stripes, which is conducive to Wenqi and suitable for placement in the study

brown bamboo: the stem is as thin as a finger, has leaf nodes, does not branch, the leaves are palmately deep cracked, and green as bamboo. It also has a tropical charm, giving people a clean and refreshing feeling

rich and noble trees: naturally growing, with open crown and beautiful tree shape, without pruning. It grows rapidly and blooms early. It can bloom twice a year. In addition, it can bring wealth

(2) absorbing plants

they are not much different from vigorous plants. They are also perennial green plants. Their biggest function is to slowly absorb gases harmful to human body in the environmental field

recommended plants:

Canna: also known as safflower banana, bract rice flower, wind tail flower and relieved ginger. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; Canna is highly resistant and can reduce sulfur dioxide;, It has strong absorption of sulfur dioxide

pomegranate: also known as an pomegranate, Hai pomegranate and danruo. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; The flowers are pomegranate red like fire, the flowers and fruits are seen, and the air contains lead. Don’t try to hide & rdquo;, Putting one or two pots of pomegranates indoors can reduce the lead content in the air

rose and Rose: Flower proverb, & ldquo; Rose has a large stomach and can digest poison gas if swallowed;, These two kinds of flowers absorb more harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, phenol and ether to reduce the pollution of these gases

carnation: also known as Luoyang flower and grass carnation, it is a perennial herb. There are many kinds of carnation, which bloom in summer and autumn. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; Grass, carnation and iron stomach can clean up poisonous gas & rdquo;, It has the ability to absorb sulfur dioxide and chloride. Carnation can be planted wherever there are similar gases

Chlorophytum and aloe: Flower proverb, & ldquo; Chlorophytum aloe is a strong hand, formaldehyde scared to hide & rdquo;, These two kinds of flowers can eliminate formaldehyde pollution and purify the air

Daisy, evergreen: Daisy is also known as marigold, spring chrysanthemum, small chrysanthemum, glass chrysanthemum and Malan Flower. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; Daisy evergreen is a pioneer in eliminating pollution;, These two plants can effectively remove the pollution of trifluoroethylene

chrysanthemum, iron tree and growing vine: as the flower proverb goes, & ldquo; Chrysanthemum and iron tree grow vines, which can absorb Benzene Gas & rdquo;, These three kinds of flowers have the ability to absorb benzene, which can reduce benzene pollution

tortoise backed bamboo: also known as tortoise backed banana, Penglai banana, electric wire lotus, toulong palm, evergreen vine. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; Turtle backed bamboo has strong skills, and carbon dioxide sweeps away & rdquo;, It has a strong absorption of carbon dioxide at night, more than 6 times higher than other flowers

Paulownia: Paulownia, also known as baozhuxiang and Qilixiang, is an evergreen shrub. It blooms in summer, its leaves are light green and bright, and it is evergreen all the year round. The flower proverb says, & ldquo; Qili incense reduces smoke and is a good sound insulation plant & rdquo;, It can absorb photochemical smoke, dust and sound insulation

(3) ornamental plants

can not only increase indoor vitality and be pleasing to the eye, but also have many choices, which can be selected according to personal preferences