Feng shui knowledge of decorators you don’t know

There are many key points to pay attention to in the decoration of the new house, such as the decoration of the bedroom, kitchen and study in the house. There are some key points that we have to pay attention to. After all, these decoration Feng Shui is the key to the success or failure of home feng shui in the future! In that case, you might as well learn some Feng Shui points about the decoration of a new house

avoid empty bedside

in the decoration of new bedroom, we should pay attention to one key point ” mdash” mdash; Avoid empty bedside. Feng Shui believes that the placement and decoration of the head of the bed should be supported by the back, which is in line with the principle of Feng Shui, because the placement of the head of the bed against the wall can make us feel more secure when we sleep, and can give our soul a stable reliance, so as to make our sleep more stable; Of course, if you decorate the bedroom, put the bed in the middle, so that the head of the bed is empty and has nothing to rely on. Such placement will only make us feel pressure when we sleep, and there is no sense of security in our hearts. It will damage our physical and mental health for a long time

the light is dark

in the decoration of new houses, there is one important point that we have to pay attention to, even ” mdash” mdash; The problem of light. The problem of light is very important. Although many people think that the quality of light is irrelevant, in fact, the quality of light is the key factor to determine the quality of the whole home feng shui aura. If the light of your home is dark, it will only lead to the bad feng shui of your home. Therefore, when decorating the house, we should ensure that every room has a ventilation and lighting channel, so as to ensure that every room has sufficient and bright light! In addition, in the corner where the light source of the home is insufficient, lighting lamps also need to be installed, so that the home can be lit and the light of the home can be sufficient and the feng shui can be vigorous

area allocation

in the decoration of new houses, we also need to pay attention to the allocation of area! How to allocate the area is very important. After all, the allocation of the area will also be related to the feng shui of the home! In today’s life, more and more people are more concerned about the life of the boudoir, so they will allocate a lot of area as the bedroom, resulting in a very wide area of the bedroom. Is it good or bad to have a wide bedroom? According to the knowledge of Feng Shui, the area of the bedroom cannot exceed 30 square meters. If the area of your bedroom has exceeded this size, it will be bad for your own luck and health. In addition, the area of the bedroom should not be less than ten square meters, otherwise it will affect the mood of the husband and wife

in addition, we should also pay attention to the area distribution. The area of the bedroom must not be larger than that of the living room. As the main area of the home, the living room should be as spacious as possible

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