What are the problems of Feng Shui in lobby decoration

Feng Shui is also the most important attention in the decoration of the lobby aisle, because if garbage is placed in the lobby aisle, there are taboos. What are the problems that Feng Shui should pay attention to in the decoration of the lobby? Let’s have a look

What are the problems of Feng Shui in hall decoration

precautions for Hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui

trash can position

in Feng Shui, the position of sharp corners is regarded as a place with heavy evil spirit. Therefore, if you want to place trash cans in the hallway, the best place is in the corner of the hallway. This can also play a role in weakening the evil spirit. Trash can is also a place that is easy to produce bad breath. In order to avoid foul gas rushing down the aisle to all parts of the house, it is best to choose a trash can with its own cover


beam is the place where the evil spirit is compared in Feng Shui. Therefore, when decorating the hallway, pay attention to avoid the appearance of beam in the hallway

if the beam appears in the hallway, it will affect the visual beauty on the one hand. On the other hand, it will also have an invisible sense of oppression on people living in houses

The evil spirit produced by

will also make people’s work difficult, which is easy to cause some work resistance, thus affecting the progress of work. Therefore, in the resolution method of the beam. False ceilings or suspended ceilings can be installed to hide beams


in Feng Shui, no matter where the entrance is, it can’t face the gate. The same is true in the hallway. If the entrance of the hallway is facing the gate, there will be evil spirit, or the evil spirit from outside the house will enter the house through the gate, which will have an impact on the health or work fortune of the people living in the house

if the entrance of the hallway is facing the door, the people living in the house will become irritable, often accompanied by inexplicable and unexplained femininity. This will not only endanger the feelings between family members, but also affect the work efficiency and interpersonal relationship outside. Therefore, the entrance of the hallway should avoid facing the gate


in Feng Shui, long, dark aisles are called ” Yin Dragon, It’s bad for luck. On the one hand, it will cause inconvenience to traffic, on the other hand, it will affect health

moderate light is the guarantee for anger to run in the aisle. Therefore, the light in the corridor must be kept bright, which can promote the flow of gas in the corridor and avoid retention. Causing a dead feeling in the aisle. It can also prevent people living in houses from absorbing too much negative energy and forming mental depression

hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui three suggestions

1 Open the door to see the red, also known as open the door to see the red walls or decorations, enter the house to see the feeling of jubilation, give people a gentle and exciting spiritual feeling and feel comfortable

  2. When you open the door to the painting, you can see an elegant sketch or picture. First, it can reflect the self-restraint of living, and second, it can alleviate the rush feeling after entering the door

  3. Open the door to see green, that is, open the door to see green plants, which is full of interest and can nourish and brighten the eyes

hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui three should not be

1 Open the door to the stove, the integration of Yang Zhai cloud: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money;. That is to say, when you see the stove at the entrance, your anger soars to the sky, making wealth and Qi unable to enter

  2. Open the door and see the mirror. The mirror will reflect wealth. If it is not the gate directly against evil spirits or filthy things, it should not be directly facing the gate

  3. When you open the door to the toilet and see the toilet as soon as you enter the door, it is like foul gas welcoming people, which is very disadvantageous

hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui should avoid

1 Large vases in the porch are easy to provoke peach blossom evil spirits. Be careful. The effect of blurred light and shadow caused by the materials or technology of the porch is also inappropriate. Although the porch made of cultural stone has a rough and simple natural effect, it does not meet the requirements of Feng Shui and commits ” Stabbing face Sha ” , If it appears in the south of the house, it is bad for people’s eyesight

  2. The shape of the porch is neat and square, which is not suitable for sharp corner shape. The porch ceiling should be high rather than low, the color should be light rather than heavy, and the lamps should be square and round rather than triangular

  3. The color of the porch wall must be moderate in depth, and the wall spacing should be smooth, avoiding unevenness, otherwise there will be many obstacles in house transportation. The floor of the porch should be flat, the color should be deep, and the pattern of the floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door; The wood grain of the porch floor should not rush directly to the door, and should not be too smooth

  4. The underground drainage pipeline should not cross between the gate and the porch, so as to avoid being polluted at the porch during the internal and external communication of wealth and water, resulting in poor health of the family and poor financial path

  5. The partition of the porch wall should be solid at the bottom and empty at the top. The lower half should be based on the solid wall, which is solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent without leakage

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