Feng shui knowledge that kitchen decoration must know

The kitchen in the home is also one of the very important areas. The kitchen is in charge of the family’s diet and related to the family’s health; From the perspective of Feng Shui, Feng Shui in the kitchen is related to the wealth of the family. It can be seen that the decoration of the kitchen, Feng Shui, really can not be slighted. In that case, what feng shui knowledge must be known for kitchen decoration

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location of the kitchen Feng Shui

in the home, the location of the kitchen is very important. The kitchen will form different Feng Shui auras in different locations, so the location of the kitchen is very important. In the home decoration, we should also fully consider the location arrangement of the kitchen. From the perspective of five elements Feng Shui, the kitchen should not be arranged in the northwest, due north and due south; First of all, the five elements in the northwest belong to gold, the so-called ” Fire conquers Gold ” , Therefore, arranging the kitchen in the northwest is not conducive to home feng shui, and the northwest is a very important position, which is related to the career development of the family, the future and wealth of the male host. If this position is used as a kitchen, it will be not conducive to the development of the male host’s fortune and even affect the family fortune. Secondly, due to the south, the five elements belong to the direction of fire. If the kitchen is arranged in due south, the anger is too strong, which will only damage the mood of the family and lead to their emotional uneasiness and irritability; Finally, due north is the orientation of the water of the five elements, which is called ” Water and fire overcome each other ” , Because the north is not suitable as a kitchen

kitchen stove Feng Shui

in the decoration of the whole kitchen, the feng shui of the kitchen stove is first-class and important. Because the stove is the focus of the whole kitchen, the soul and core of the whole kitchen, and the star fire source of home; In addition, the stove is also one of the three essentials of Yangzhai! It can be seen that the position of the stove is extraordinary! Therefore, you must also understand the Feng Shui decoration knowledge of the stove. Feng Shui believes that the stove cannot face the door, because the door is an air port, and the air port faces the stove, which will lead to the non gathering of the stove gas field, resulting in the distribution of family wealth! In addition, the decoration of the stove must be relied on, because relying on the stove means relying on the development of family wealth and fortune. Do not let the window behind the stove, or there is no back, etc. such decoration is not conducive to Feng Shui

kitchen and toilet Feng Shui

in addition, in the decoration of the kitchen, we also need to pay attention to a lot of feng shui knowledge! It is not considered to be located in the kitchen, but in the toilet. If the toilet and kitchen are relative in the decoration of your home, it will certainly form a very bad feng shui atmosphere. Because the toilet is opposite to the kitchen, it will cause the gas field of the two to collide, which will have an impact on the toilet, kitchen and the whole household Feng Shui

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