Feng Shui taboo in hotel decoration can not be ignored

In Feng Shui, there are also many Feng Shui taboos in decorating hotels; So, what are the Feng Shui taboos in hotel decoration? What are the Feng Shui taboos in hotel decoration? Feng Shui taboos to pay attention to when decorating hotels? The following is

Feng Shui taboos in hotel decoration

What Feng Shui taboos do hotel decoration have

first, the kitchen Feng Shui layout of hotel interior decoration

the restaurant inside the hotel is an important part. The stove in the kitchen is an essential item. Its decoration determines the layout of Feng Shui. The stove must be placed in the fierce position, which can block the evil spirit, and the direction of the switch should face the auspicious direction, which is the best position for the stove. There are many guest rooms in the hotel, and there are also many bathrooms. The bathroom is not easy to grasp in the Feng Shui layout. What I fear most is that the bathroom upstairs will hold down the wealth position downstairs, which will hold down the owner’s wealth

Second, the placement of the cashier in the hotel

the hall is the entrance of the hotel, where the cashier will be placed. This is the place with the most money, so the Feng Shui layout must be appropriate. The cashier should be backed by the wall. In Feng Shui, it means having a backer, stable work, stable development prospects, etc. Under normal circumstances, the cashier cannot directly face the gate, which will disperse the wealth by the air entering the gate. The height of the cashier should be moderate, so that it will neither block the entry of wealth nor let it flow away easily

Third, knowledge of hotel financial position placement

every room has a wealth position, which is the most prosperous place. If you put the cashier in this position, you will get double the effect. Auspicious items can also be placed on the financial position, such as a pair. The mascot must invite a pair back. The male can attract money and the female can keep money. If one of them is damaged, a pair must be replaced. In short, any auspicious items can be placed on the financial position

Fourth, the external environment of the hotel

the buildings around the hotel should not be too high, which will form a tendency to press the top and restrain the development of the hotel. It is better to have a relatively spacious area at the gate, which is conducive to the gathering of Qi. At the same time, it has a broad vision, which indicates that the business of the hotel will have a bright future and the road will be wider and wider. If the road in front of the gate is a T-junction, the hotel can move the gate a little, so that it will not encounter a dead end

What are the Feng Shui taboos of hotel decoration?

1. When decorating the hotel, the first thing to consider is graphic design. Graphic design has a great impact on the feng shui of the hotel. Most hotels are composed of small squares, roads, parking lots, courtyard

greening and other different parts. When designers layout these parts, We must meet the requirements of the five elements. Only in this way can there be satisfactory Feng Shui after the decoration of the hotel. In addition, we must strive for good landscape effect in the overall

Graphic Design to ensure the quality of the environment. It can provide guests with an environment for rest and self-cultivation, so that they can stay and forget to be close. They can come to stay again, so that the

business of the hotel is booming and prosperous

Second, in the decoration design of the hotel, we must also pay attention to the design of the hotel gate. First, before determining the position of the gate, we should determine whether it is a auspicious position. In addition, we should see whether there are unlucky obstructions in front of the door, such as trees, electric poles, etc. if any, we must remove them. If the gate is set in auspicious position, it is conducive to the hotel to attract wealth and bring more popularity. In this way, you can

think that the hotel will bring a lot of business and create greater profits. Moreover, in the decoration design of the hotel, we must also ensure that the shape of the hotel is unique and novel, but it can not be strange, which will have a great impact on the feng shui of the total


III. in the decoration design of the hotel, we must also pay attention to ensuring that the lobby of the hotel, that is, the lobby, is clean and spacious. And the design style should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the hotel

, and reflect the local characteristics. If there is the information of Chong Sha in front of the gate, two stone lions can be placed on both sides of the gate of the hotel, and things to avoid evil spirits and attract money can be placed in the hall. For example: five or eight golden quartz clocks, or god Buddha, etc., which will be of great help to the overall Feng Shui of the hotel

Feng Shui taboos to pay attention to when decorating hotels

I. leakage of wealth at the door

many catering stores are decorated with two or more floors, and the stairway is often facing the door of the store, which is a typical leakage of wealth, but it can be solved by paying attention to Feng Shui in store decoration:

1. During decoration, a screen is set between the door of the store and the stairway. The material of the screen The color and the pattern on the screen should be determined according to the owner’s birthday and the orientation of the store door

2. Invite the God of wealth to control the house. Guan Gong’s statue belongs to the God of wealth. It must be placed facing the door. On the one hand, it can restrain the attack of evil Qi outside the door, and on the other hand, it can restrain the outflow of wealth

II. Feng Shui treatment of the ghost gate in the store

what aspects should be paid attention to in the feng shui of hotel decoration? Whether in the store or residential Feng Shui, there is a bad area. Specifically, it refers to a 15 degree area that runs through the whole building or room from southwest to northeast. This area is not so bad as fierce, which is called ” Ghost gate line ” ;. Never set a gate in this area, otherwise it will become a real ” Ghost gate ” ; Yes, it belongs to the house of the murderer

if the gate of the hotel is unfortunately located in the ghost gate, the following three methods can be adopted for improvement:

1. In order to avoid future trouble, it is best to abandon the house

2. Will be located in ” Ghost gate line ” ; The door of the is closed, and find another auspicious place to open the door

3. If none of the above can be used, a pair of stone lions can be placed at the door, and carpets of special colors can be laid at the entrance to restrain the ferocity. The color should be determined according to the five elements of the owner, his birthday and the specific situation of the store. There are other ways to turn evil spirits, but they are not as good as abandoning the house completely

Third, there is a big tree in front of the store, which affects Feng Shui

many people know that it is unlucky to have a tree in front of the store. Although there are many trees in front of the store, this problem can be solved as long as we know the divination number and the basic five element Shengke principle

IV. invite the God of wealth

invite the God of wealth has attracted widespread attention in store decoration. The folk Feng Shui God of wealth can be divided into two kinds: the God of wealth and the God of wealth. The merchant storefronts of the North

side mostly worship Zhao Gongming, the God of wealth. He is also known as Zhao Xuan and is a majestic general. According to folk legend, he can not only subdue demons and subdue demons, but also attract money and benefit the market. Most merchants in the South worship the martial customs

public. In addition to putting the God of wealth on the auspicious position, the majestic God of wealth should also face the outside of the house or the door, which can not only attract money into the house, but also guard the door to prevent the invasion of external evil

v. Guanyin III is not to

Guanyin is clean and flawless, and abstains from meat and fishy. Therefore, it is very inappropriate to worship Guanyin in the decoration of the restaurant, so try not to place Guanyin in

. On the other hand, if you want to put the Guanyin statue, there are three directions of Feng Shui in the store orientation. In addition, Guanyin vegetarian fasting, in addition to burning incense, should only be offered with flowers and fruits. If it is placed in the same place with other gods, other gods can not worship with three animals. If the hotel stores can abide by the above three taboos, it will not be a problem

1. Do not go to the toilet; 2. Not to the gate; 3. Not to the table

in the knowledge of hotel decoration, Feng Shui is actually the way of harmonious coexistence of various elements of people, architecture and environment; Tao ” ; If you do exactly the benefits of

, you will integrate with the surrounding environment and promote harmony, which is what people call ” With the wind and the water ” ;; Although the theory of Feng Shui is superstitious and some people think it is contrary to science, the influence caused by the taboo of Feng Shui does exist all over the world. Modern space science also proves that paying attention to store Feng Shui avoids many adverse factors. The same is true for store decoration Feng Shui. Many businesses work hard on store decoration Feng Shui before opening a store. They believe that a good

store Feng Shui can attract customers and bring rolling financial resources. In fact, they hope that the decoration style and characteristics of the store can coexist harmoniously with the surrounding environment

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