What are the bad feng shui problems caused by excessive residential windows

Windows are the basic setting of every residence. Windows themselves have the function of ventilation and daylighting, and windows also have a very important influence in Feng Shui. From the perspective of Feng Shui, residential windows cannot be too large or too small, otherwise the impact on residential Feng Shui is very large. Next, let’s learn about the adverse Feng Shui effects of too large windows

it is difficult for a house to gather gas

we all know that the focus of philology is to store wind and gather gas. If a house can absorb and gather the breath, the feng shui of the house will be good. However, if the windows in the house are too large, it will have a great impact on the gas gathering of the house. All kinds of breath in the house will flow away through the windows, and the breath cannot gather in the house. Feng shui will naturally become bad. The breath will come and go quickly, and the Feng Shui aura of the house itself will be weakened between coming and going

leads to financial leakage

I believe everyone will understand that excessive windows lead to financial leakage. As mentioned above, it is difficult to gather gas if the windows are too large. It is difficult to gather gas, and the original wealth of the family will flow through the windows, which will lead to financial leakage. In real life, there are many places where money needs to be used. Money will always flow away unconsciously, and it is even more difficult to save. This is the performance of money leakage

one of the reasons for setting windows in houses is to better daylighting and let more sunlight enter the house. Be careful that too many windows will have a negative effect. Too much light entering the house is easy to form a light evil. Too strong light in the house will make people feel dazzling. In addition, it will also make the family’s mood unstable, irritable, and angry when encountering any problems. It will also make the feelings between the family bad. In addition, it is not conducive to normal rest

family disharmony

as the saying goes ” Everything prospers at home, The most important thing for a family is to be harmonious, and the development of other aspects of harmony will become better. Then we must pay attention to the fact that the windows in the house must not be too large. If the windows in the house are too large, it will also lead to family disharmony. Family members will become selfish, do not take the initiative to think of others, and only think of their own affairs. If the family can not unite, the atmosphere in the family will naturally become bad

attract villains

windows can also play a certain protective role in Feng Shui. If the window is too large, the protection ability will decline, which will give villains the opportunity to invade. In addition, it will also make the privacy of the family easier to be exposed, calculated by villains, and have a lot of impact on life. Then we should pay more attention to that. The windows in the house must not be too large

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