Can arches appear in the home

If we only look at the architectural way of arch decoration, it is not suitable for ordinary people. Because the decoration in the form of arch can not bring good feng shui changes. As the saying goes ” One arch eats three villages ” , If the structure and house type of the house do not allow arches, once forced decoration, it may lead to a significant decline in Feng Shui in the home

suitable for arch: the house is high enough

in short, the height of the overall structure of the house is very high, which can support the existence of arch. If the height of the wall in the room is much higher than that of an ordinary house, it is feasible to decorate the arch in such a house. At this time, the arch decoration can not only bring greater spatial structure, but also resolve the bad feng shui situation caused by the high wall. You know, the high ceiling will give people a feeling of no dependence

not suitable for arch: the door of the house

regardless of the house type pattern, the shape of the door can not be an arch, but must be a rectangular shape. If the shape of the gate is to attack the gate, it will attract Yin Qi. This shape of the gate is called ” Yin House Door ” , It only exists in the underground palace of the tomb, but cannot appear in the Yang house. Therefore, the door of the house can never be designed according to the shape of the arch

not suitable for arch: kitchen door

if the shape of the kitchen door is arch, it is difficult to open and close at any time. After all, the arch structure itself is not suitable for use on the door. If it is only decorated into the shape of the arch, it will not be able to install a suitable door, and the kitchen can not be opened for a long time due to the existence of stove fire, so the kitchen door is not suitable for use as an arch

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