What’s the disadvantage of the toilet door to the door

In geomantic omen, it is believed that the toilet is a place used to hide dirt in the household geomantic omen system, in which the air of pollution is strong. Therefore, in geomantic omen, there are many attentions on the orientation of the toilet door, among which the most important thing to pay attention to is that the toilet door should not be on the door

why doesn’t the toilet door affect the gate

the toilet is the place used to hide dirt and accept dirt in household Feng Shui, and the door is the gas receiving port in household Feng Shui. If the toilet door is facing the door, the Feng Shui gas field brought in from outside the door will enter the toilet directly after entering the door. In this way, the Feng Shui gas field in the whole family will be contaminated with the filth of the toilet. In this way, it will be very unfavorable to the family transportation and lead to the decline of Ye Yun, Both man and money are in decline

for this reason, in home feng shui, the door to door of the toilet is a big taboo. But because it is difficult to change most houses now, what should we do if this pattern has been formed

toilet door to door resolving method

when the orientation of the door or toilet door cannot be changed, it is difficult to completely resolve the impact on home feng shui, but it is very simple to weaken this impact, and there are many methods. For example, try to make the toilet door smaller and the door larger, so as to ensure that less pollution can enter the house

in addition, some geomantic plants and geomantic mascots can be placed between the door and the toilet door, which can dissolve the air of pollution. At the same time, in daily life, we should try our best to keep the toilet windows open from time to time, so that the dirty gas in the toilet can be discharged out of the room rather than stay in the house. In this way, it can also have a certain effect of dissolution

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