What are the effects of different kitchen window orientations

Many kitchens have the design of windows. The windows in the kitchen not only have the function of daylighting and ventilation, but also have a certain Feng Shui function. Moreover, the windows with different orientations will have different Feng Shui analysis in Feng Shui. Today, let’s introduce what Feng Shui function the kitchen windows with different orientations will have

1. The window faces south

the window facing south is very good. No matter what kind of space, it is better to have the window facing south, and the Feng Shui gas field is better. It is no exception in the kitchen. This facing window can bring enough yang to the whole kitchen space, inject more Yang into the kitchen with heavy moisture and Yin, and make the Feng Shui environment in the whole kitchen more balanced. The window facing south will also have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. It will be comfortable for some people who cook in the kitchen. In Feng Shui, the kitchen with the window facing south, The location of Feng Shui is also relatively good. It is also a good price comparison for the fortune of ourselves and our family. It will also turn bad luck into good luck

2. The kitchen with the window facing east

the kitchen with the window facing east has better daylighting. Sufficient light will make the whole kitchen bright. You should know that light is also very important for kitchen Feng Shui. The bright kitchen space will make some bad luck difficult to approach, and the Feng Shui environment of the whole kitchen will also become better, which will affect our luck and improve with it. The kitchen with the window facing east is also beneficial to the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen. The kitchen is the place for cooking and eating at home, and it controls the eating health of the family. Therefore, hygiene is also very important for the kitchen. But there is a bad place in such a kitchen, that is, the temperature will be relatively high, sometimes it will be relatively hot and uncomfortable

3. The window faces southeast

the window faces southeast, which is very good for the kitchen. In such a kitchen, there is not only sufficient light, but also gentle wind blowing into the kitchen. The circulation of air is very important for the kitchen, which helps the oil fume generated during cooking dissipate more easily, but also allows the bad breath in the kitchen to flow away and will not accumulate too much in the kitchen, Affect the Feng Shui environment in the kitchen. Ventilation and light are very important for the feng shui of the kitchen, and the windows facing Southeast can meet these two points. Therefore, there are windows facing Southeast in the kitchen, which are considered to be better in Feng Shui

in the past, many people thought that Feng Shui was a superstitious thing, but in today’s society, Feng Shui has attracted more and more attention, especially some Feng Shui that people often contact will be more important to people. Kitchen Feng Shui is one of them. The kitchen is where we often come into contact in our life, and some Feng Shui problems about the kitchen are very important

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