How to avoid opening the door at home

Doors play an extremely important role in Feng Shui. Doors are generally used for gathering Qi and blessing. However, if you make some household Feng Shui taboos and let the door appear in some places that are not suitable, it is undoubtedly hukou to open the door. Therefore, here we need to use household Feng Shui taboo knowledge to talk with you about the location of the door

among many taboos about doors, the most taboo is to place the door at the mouth of three evils. Once it appears at the mouth of three evils, it is absolutely equivalent to opening the door at the mouth of tiger, which will inevitably have an adverse impact on the fortunes of the family, and different doors will have different effects on the family

understand household Feng Shui taboos and avoid ” Tiger door ”

three evil spirits: the so-called three evil spirits refer to the evil spirits of robbery, disaster and age. These three evil spirits can be said to be the most vicious evil spirits in LiuNian. Moreover, since these three evil spirits are LiuNian evil spirits, their orientation will change every year, which will have a great impact on their families

for example, when the bedroom door stands above the year old ghost, it will have a certain impact on the body of the owner in the bedroom. If the three evil spirits appear at the same time at the door of the bedroom, then this person must be very fierce this year, so we must try our best to avoid it

since each door is the air inlet of the room and absorbs the air field of the surrounding space, the position of the door must be placed in an auspicious place, so as to ensure that the air transportation of residents will not be affected and will be better and better. But the three evil spirits are fleeting year evil spirits. It is impossible to move the position of each room door every year in order to avoid the three evil spirits

so here we need to use some mascots to block or melt the evil spirits to avoid being hurt by the three evil spirits. For example, sticking a door god on the door is a way to stop evil spirits from entering the home

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