What are the taboos of Feng Shui in store facade decoration

Every shopkeeper has spent a lot of effort and effort to run his own shop slowly The operation of the store, the quality of the business, including the wealth and financial resources of the store, are closely related to the feng shui of the store. The decoration of the store determines the Feng Shui atmosphere of the store. You must pay attention to the Feng Shui taboos of the decoration of the store facade

the door size of the shop is too small

the shop is a shop, not a residence, so the door of the shop should not be too small; After all, the gate of the store is the place where guests move around, the place to receive gas, and the place where financial resources flow in. If the gate of the store is too small, it will limit the entry and exit of guests and the inflow of financial resources. This pattern will have a bad impact on both the business and the financial luck of the store! In addition, if the door of the store is too small, it will also give people a very crowded feeling, which greatly reduces the desire of customers to the store and directly affects the flow of people in the store, which is also very unfavorable for the future operation of the store! Therefore, in the decoration of the shop facade, the door of the shop should not be too small. The door should be moderate in size and appropriate and spacious, which can be more conducive to the business and wealth of the shop

the cash register is placed at the door

the cash register in the store is the top priority. The arrangement of the cash register has always been very particular. In the decoration of the store facade, the cash register must not be arranged at the door. If the cash register is located at the door of the store, I’m afraid it will have a great impact on the wealth of the store! You know, the cash register is the Treasury of the whole store, which is related to the store’s wealth, income and financial resources. Therefore, the cash register should be designed with a lucky position in the store, so as to ensure the prosperity of the cash register and improve the store’s wealth! But the door of the shop is not a auspicious position, but a auspicious and ferocious position. After all, the gas field at the door opposes the cashier, which will lead to the cashier not gathering gas! And the cashier is suspected of exposing the Treasury at the door, which will naturally affect the operation and wealth of the store

random matching of shop colors

in the decoration of shop facade, the matching of colors is a headache! Because how to match colors is related to the Feng Shui atmosphere of the store, the style of the store and the impression of the store to outsiders! But no matter what color you use and how to match the style of the store, you must pay attention to this principle! Feng Shui believes that the color of the shop should avoid the color of the shopkeeper! Why avoid using color? For example, the shopkeeper should avoid fire, so red, purple, orange, etc. all five elements belong to the color of fire, which is the shopkeeper’s taboo color

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