Master the skills of resolving the bad feng shui in the bathroom door

Although the door of the bathroom does not play an important role in home feng shui as the door of the house, if you want to ensure the normal Feng Shui, you still need to have a good bathroom door and decoration. So if there is a bad toilet Feng Shui, how to resolve it

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the door cannot be relative

this is the simplest way to avoid bad feng shui in the bathroom. If the door of the toilet is opposite to the door of its room, it will cause hedge brake, which will affect the normal Feng Shui of the whole house. If this happens because of the housing pattern, the curtain should be installed on the bathroom door to change Feng Shui

the door can face the West

if the direction of the house is south to north, you can choose to change the direction of the bathroom door to the west, so as to avoid being opposite to the door of the house and not against the door of the kitchen or bedroom. The behavior of the five lines in the bathroom is too heavy, and it can drain the water in the West

keep closed for a long time

that is, keep the door of the toilet closed for a long time. The toilet should be closed even if it is not used. In this way, there is no need to worry that the moisture and Yin in the bathroom will flow into other houses. In addition, the closed door can also avoid bad situations such as hedging to a certain extent

placing broad-leaved plants

placing broad-leaved plants outside the door of the toilet can also avoid the situation of gas rush to a certain extent. Feng Shui plants can absorb evil Qi and Yin Qi, and can also increase the vitality outside the bathroom door. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. The only thing to pay attention to is to choose the right Feng Shui plants and ensure that there will be no problems in plant growth

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