What Feng Shui taboos does the balcony have

The balcony can not only bathe in sunshine and breathe fresh air, but also broaden vision and relax body and mind. If the balcony can be transformed into a part of the living room, it can not only expand the living room space, but also make the whole living room look more fresh and bright. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui and architecture, the balcony is an accessory part of the house, and its bearing capacity is very limited. It is not suitable to put too heavy items on it, otherwise it will be very unsafe

in addition, the balcony transformed into a living room should not be built with walls or installed with floor glass, otherwise it will be against Feng Shui ” Subknee void ” ; And it is easier for people outside to see indoors, which will leak the air flow at home, resulting in the leakage of money and thin population. Solve ” Subknee void ” ; The best way is to build one-third of the solid wall and install two-thirds of the glass

people like to stand on the balcony and watch the scenery, so they can get close to nature and accept the grace of sunshine and rain, which is beneficial to physical and mental health, but there are also some taboos from the perspective of Feng Shui. If there is a prosperous street under the balcony, and the street directly faces the window, this is a fierce pattern, which will make the family lose money. Because the streets are often crowded with vehicles, which represent lethality. Looking from the balcony, it is like a tiger pouncing on food. In addition, the balcony faces zigzag buildings, anti bow roads, sharp corners, etc., which are bad omens, which will haunt diseases and family discord

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