Detailed rules of Feng Shui for the transformation and decoration of old houses and bedrooms

In the decoration and transformation of houses, we still need to pay attention to Feng Shui. After all, the decoration and transformation of houses will affect the physical and mental health of residents in the future, including the overall fortune and so on. Among all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is a private space that only belongs to us, so we should be more careful about the transformation of the bedroom! Might as well learn some detailed rules of Feng Shui for the transformation of bedrooms

P “gt; it’s necessary to renovate the bedroom, so it’s necessary to renovate the walls in the old bedroom! The decoration of the wall, Feng Shui, can not ignore the stress of color! Feng Shui believes that using some warm colors in the bedroom can make the ” Love ” ; More dense, so it will be helpful for the feelings of husband and wife. Therefore, you can choose warm yellow, warm white, etc. these colors can make the bedroom more warm and comfortable, and help us sleep! However, in the process of transformation, we must not use red, pink and other colors. First, red will make people feel grumpy and angry. Using red in the bedroom will lead to a lot of quarrels between husband and wife; Pink is a color that will provoke rotten peach blossoms. I’m afraid it will threaten the marital feelings of husband and wife

decoration and placement of bedroom mirrors

although many feng shui masters do not advocate placing mirrors in the bedroom, because mirrors are widely used and some beauty lovers dress up in the bedroom, mirrors have become a must-have in the bedroom! But when transforming the bedroom, we have to pay attention to the layout and placement of mirrors! Feng Shui believes that the mirror should not be facing the bed, otherwise it will cause nerve confusion, blurred consciousness, nervous tension, insomnia and dreams, because the mirror has a strong evil spirit, which will invade the family’s body, thus damaging the family’s health! Therefore, the mirror cannot be placed in front of the bed! The best way is to install the mirror on the inner side of the wardrobe door, so that it can be opened when in use and closed when not in use, which can resolve the bad feng shui of the mirror

bedroom lighting decoration rules

in addition, the decoration of bedroom light, lighting and lamps also need to pay attention to Feng Shui one by one! First of all, the decoration of bedroom lighting should be in line with ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; In other words, it is not suitable to use some lighting lamps with too itchy and strong light in the bedroom, which will affect the atmosphere of the bedroom, cause us to be unable to sleep, and greatly affect our sleep quality! The bedroom should use some lamps with soft light, so that we can sleep better

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