Living room ceiling decoration

The ancients believed that at the beginning of Pangu’s founding, heaven and earth were just chaotic. After a period of time, they divided into two Qi. Those with clear Qi rose and became heaven, and those with turbid Qi sank and became the earth. Therefore, there was a division between heaven and earth. For the small environment of the house, Feng Shui believes that the ceiling of the living room is ” Days ” ; Therefore, the ceiling plays a very important role. Therefore, the ceiling setting of the living room should not only meet the needs of modern people’s aesthetics and use functions, but also consider some traditional views of Feng Shui

I. hue

since the ceiling of the living room has ” Days ” ; The color should be light rather than heavy, and light should be the main color. For example, light blue, which looks bright and deep, and symbolizes the clear blue sky, makes people feel broad after entering the living room; Milky white symbolizes white clouds, which are white and flawless, making people feel free from distractions and comfortable; It can also be painted into light gray, light yellow, etc., giving people a warm feeling. In a word, the color of the ceiling should be light rather than dark

the color of the corresponding floor is suitable for a darker color, so as to meet the meaning of light sky and heavy earth. If not, there will be a suspicion of top heavy and light, and people will feel uncomfortable when they enter the house. The ceiling of the living room with light color will always give people a relaxed and lively feeling of high sky and light clouds

modern houses generally have a storey height of 3M, while the actual indoor height is about 2.8m. Compared with the increasing height of Chinese people, this storey height has become a little depressed. If some complex devices are used on the ceiling of the living room, it will be very cumbersome, making the living room that is not very high lower, which is easy to make people feel a strong sense of oppression, There will be too much pressure and discomfort. Living in such a house for a long time will inevitably make people upset and restless

II. height

I the ceiling of the living room in some friends’ home is pressed too low to accommodate the beam of the roof during decoration, which is inappropriate in terms of Feng Shui and practicality

in this case, we can simply decorate the four sides of the ceiling and slightly make some complex arrangements in the middle of the ceiling, which makes people feel high visually. In this way, it will not only be more comfortable visually, but also form a water gathering ” Tianchi, Such decoration is of great benefit to the house

if you gather water here ” Tianchi ” ; A variety of crystal lamps are set in the center, which not only has the actual lighting effect, but also has the effect of making the finishing point. But never decorate a reflector on the ceiling, which is a big taboo of Feng Shui

some living rooms, due to lack of lighting, give people a feeling of darkness and gloom both during the day and at night. Living here for a long time will make people upset

if this is the case, it is better to install fluorescent lamps on the four sides of the ceiling, and use fluorescent lamps to make up for the light, so that the light can be refracted from the ceiling. This will not hurt the eyes, but also add some soft light. Because the light emitted by fluorescent lamps is closest to the sunlight of nature, which is most suitable for those living rooms that lack natural light sources. At the same time, fluorescent lamps and crystal lamps can go hand in hand. Fluorescent lamps can be used for lighting during the day and magnificent crystal lamps can be lit at night

if you pay attention to the above points when decorating the ceiling, you can effectively avoid some troubles, make the ceiling of the living room not only beautiful and practical, but also comply with the principles of ancient Feng Shui, and make the ceiling of the living room bring comfort and auspiciousness to your life

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