What problems should we pay special attention to in the decoration of bookstores

When decorating and displaying goods, the most important thing for bookstores is to have bright lights, and books should be placed neatly by categories, so that readers will be very convenient when choosing books. In addition, bookcases also have certain proportion requirements. Generally speaking, the following number is the best for length, width and height (unit: cm):

I. attention should be paid to the design details of the column surface in the decoration of the bookstore

if there are some pillars in your store. Visually, the existence of columns is a visual obstacle, but at the beginning of design, special attention should be paid to the combination between columns and bookshelves. The cylindrical surface is not only a simple beautification, but also closely related to performance, otherwise it is the loss of store area

II. Attention should be paid to the design details of pop posting column in bookstore decoration

the pop posting bar is designed to standardize the posting of posters in the future. For example, the wall behind the cashier can be used as a posting bar, and the posting content is mainly based on the notification of member application methods or other long-term activities; The column surface can also be designed with a posting bar, and its content is mostly based on the publicity of a single commodity or a small book exhibition counter, so it is best to have a small number of display shelves or platforms below it

III. Bookstore decoration needs to pay attention to the design details of and brightness

the lighting brightness in the store will first affect customers’ willingness to come to the store, and then whether customers are prone to fatigue when choosing goods. Therefore, when opening a store, it is best to calculate the brightness

II. The decoration of bookstores should pay attention to the prevention of wood paint construction in summer

in the decoration of bookstores, special attention should be paid to the construction conditions of wood paint in summer, which are affected by temperature and moderation. In summer, too high temperature and too much rain will have a certain impact on the painting. It is very important to take precautions in the decoration and construction of bookstores

  1 . The paint film is easy to wrinkle. In summer, the temperature is too high, the solvent volatilizes too fast, and the one-time brush coating is too thick during high-temperature construction. Under high temperature, the surface layer of the thick water-based paint film dries rapidly and forms a film, while the thick inner layer dries slowly. In the drying process, the flow of the paint produces tension difference, resulting in uneven surface and easy wrinkling

  2 . Poor adhesion of paint film. The temperature is high in summer and the humidity in the air is high in some areas. However, during the construction process, the interlayer is not polished, and the time required for the interface between wet paint film and dry paint film to form a solid layer is insufficient. It will be found that the bonding between coating layers is not firm, resulting in poor adhesion, peeling between layers, and even the whole piece can be torn off like peeling

  3 . The paint film is cracked. This phenomenon is also common in summer construction. In the process of construction, the coating film of the paint layer is too thick, resulting in fast drying and film-forming speed of the surface layer, while the thick inner layer dries slowly, which directly causes cracking of the primer and other phenomena

  4 . A layer of white paint. It is mainly caused by too much humidity in the construction environment and too thick film during construction. Because of the high temperature of air-water real stone paint in summer, the air humidity in some areas is high. The surface drying time of paint layer accelerates with the increase of temperature, but the actual drying time is relatively slow; The painter immediately applies another layer of paint after the surface of the paint layer is dry, resulting in the bottom paint layer is not completely dry. In rainy days or high humidity weather, the paint layer is easy to turn white

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