How to choose floor curtain to increase house transportation

If the window of the room is not very small, you can consider using floor curtains to increase house transportation. Imagine a bright and clean room with curtains covering the upper half of the room and exposing a small section of the wall. The visual effect is naturally very poor. More importantly, the room is generous and generous, but the curtains are small, and the layout of the whole room is disharmonious. The wall with windows is divided into two parts by curtains. A small section of the wall below gives people the feeling of emptiness, which will weaken the good fortune of the window

floor curtains are not only elegant and beautiful, with good shading effect, but also can give people a safer feeling. They also make the whole room look balanced and harmonious, with good feng shui effect. However, the room is small, the windows are small, and the floor curtains are not suitable. At this time, it is best to use shutter curtains, and the room will be simpler and more spacious

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