Feng shui knowledge in home decoration

In general, it is not recommended to use too many metal materials in house decoration. If the five elements of the family are seriously short of money, we can consider using appropriate metal materials to increase the transportation distance

in the five elements, gold itself is not as conducive to home as the other four elements (but it is not absolute. Good feng shui pays attention to balance). Because gold is a representative of the spirit of extermination, which corresponds to the West in orientation and autumn in solar terms. The gas field is not particularly auspicious, but tends to wither. Excessive use of metal materials in the home is easy to lead to the decline of the family

in addition, too many metal materials are harmful to health. Because metal often feels cold, especially for the elderly and children, it is not suitable to touch too many metal materials; Moreover, metal materials are invisible and easy to make people restless. Sound evil is often mentioned in Feng Shui. The generation of sound evil is often related to metal. Sharp tools such as dagger are often made of metal, which is easy to bring bad feelings to people

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