Principles of Feng Shui decoration of small apartment

With the rise of property prices, more and more people can’t afford a house at all, and more and more people can only live in small rooms, so small house type has become the preferred house type for many young people! Small family houses can meet the needs of their own life, and the price will not be too expensive. Therefore, small family apartments are becoming more and more popular, but do you know the Feng Shui principle of small family houses in decoration

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first pay attention to the gate

in the decoration of the house, first pay attention to the decoration of the gate. Whether it is a large house type or a small house type, the decoration of the gate is very important, but relatively speaking, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to in the decoration of the small house type in the orientation, orientation, layout and other aspects of the gate. Because the gas field of the small house itself will be slightly weaker. If the gate is opposite to the gate of other houses, it will be swallowed up by others. After all, the gas field is not strong and it is difficult to compete with other houses. In this way, it will only affect its own fortune and the Feng Shui gas field of its own apartment. Therefore, in the decoration Feng Shui of small apartment, the door should avoid the situation of door rush, and it is best to avoid being opposite to the door of other houses, otherwise it will affect the feng shui of our own apartment, resulting in the deterioration of home feng shui, which will also affect our future development

secondly, we should pay attention to neimingtang

in the decoration of small apartment, we should not only pay attention to the feng shui of the gate, but also pay attention to the feng shui of neimingtang. So what is neimingtang? The so-called neimingtang refers to the position inside the gate of the house. The feng shui of this location is related to the feng shui of the whole apartment. How can you ignore it? In life, many small houses are easy to touch a taboo. See the toilet at the entrance. Unexpectedly, this pattern and decoration pose a great threat to the feng shui of neimingtang and will affect the Feng Shui aura of neimingtang. In this way, it will cause many bad feng shui signs! And there are rumors in Feng Shui ” When you open the door to the toilet, your family’s luck will fall ” , Therefore, when decorating small houses, we need to pay more attention to this principle

finally, we should pay attention to the bedroom

in small house types, the decoration of the bedroom is also very important. After all, the decoration of the small bedroom can carry most of our time, but also our health, luck, luck and so on! Therefore, the decoration principles in small family bedrooms should also be studied. Many small houses will face the situation of space congestion, so it is not suitable to buy large furniture in the bedroom, and it is best not to set up an independent toilet in the bedroom. Such decoration will waste space and foul air of the toilet, which will destroy the feng shui of the bedroom; It can be seen that in small apartment, the toilet in the bedroom can be exempted

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