Is there anything particular about the living room security door

Is there anything particular about the living room security door? Is the impact of living room security on house transportation good or bad? There may be a lot of friends who have such questions. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the living room security door can be transported and promote the transportation of houses. When the living room space is open, a door is installed at the entrance of the living room, which can well enrich the space of the living room. And when talking with guests, closing the door of the passage will not affect other family members who rest or work in the room. So, what kind of door does the living room have? One feng shui master will give you a detailed introduction today

living room modeling door style 1: pass style

the so-called pass usually refers to the connection between the aisle and the living room, the connection between the balcony and the living room, and the connection between the living room and the small corridor leading to the living room in some towers, that is, there is no size of the door frame ” Door opening ” ;. The shape of the living room door is arc-shaped, with smooth combination of streamline shape and indoor space, and the visual effect is also very soft

living room modeling door style 2: carving and hollowing style

hollowing and carving is one of the very popular elements. The combination of classical carving and modern hollowing constitutes a creative design, with the coexistence of elegance and sweetness. The hollowed out screen makes the home both partitioned and transparent. Making the space more permeable is the best way to get free breathing and natural freshness. It is also more concise and lively visually, and a strong mood follows

style 3 of living room modeling door: windowsill style

the modeling door made of black iron and frosted glass also looks very elegant. The shape and color of the hard iron art of local decoration should also change with the change of home style

under what circumstances can the living room not be equipped with a door

in addition, when the living room collides with the bathroom, door or kitchen, you can consider installing a door to avoid the evil spirit caused by the collision. However, if the living room is relatively small, or when the space is right, the door is installed on the channel, which will destroy the original Feng Shui of the living room

if the living room is narrow, it is not suitable to install doors, otherwise there will be a sense of embarrassment. In particular, there is a channel leading to the living room next to the living room, which can increase the sense of space of the living room on the feng shui of the size of the visual living room and the prosperity and decline of the career. The living room with few windows is not suitable for installing doors. If the windows are closed, there will be less fresh air in the house, which will hinder the circulation of the door

moreover, if the ventilation condition of the living room is not very good, installing the door will hinder the passage between other rooms and the living room, and it is more difficult for anger to enter other rooms. If you encounter such a situation and the living room rushes with other rooms, it’s best to use plants, potted plants or mascots to promote house transportation

there are also the following points worth noting:

1. “lt; heart piercing sword

if the gate is facing the corridor or passage, its shape is like a sharp sword going through the heart. This pattern is called Heart piercing sword. If the depth inside the house is less than the length of the corridor, the disaster is the greatest. At this time, a screen can be placed to replace the door to avoid its edge. If the house is on the ground floor, the gate is facing the main road, You can plant a ring of flowers to mellow and dissolve the external force

2, return money by stairs

if the door is facing the stairs, two different patterns will be formed. One is that the money in the home is likely to flow downward if it is facing the stairs, so a screen should be set behind the door to prevent the outflow of money from the home; In another case, if facing the upward stairs, consider the outflow of wealth water. If large leaf plants such as fortune tree and money tree are placed in the door, wealth can be introduced into the room

3, elevator suction

the door is facing the elevator and just makes a rush. Originally, the house was a place for gathering and nourishing qi, but now it is directly opposite to the elevator. The air in the house is sucked away and scattered to other places between its opening and closing. It is a big taboo. Therefore, a screen should be set behind the door to prevent internal air leakage

4. the front door is unfavorable to the tiger head

the front door of an office or store cannot directly face the tiger head or chimney, the so-called ” Tiger head ” ; It refers to the sharp corner of another building or a special building. If the gate or main window happens to be facing the right corner or prominent building, it is like facing a sharp knife, which is of course very disadvantageous

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